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For those unfamiliar with this motto, it comes from an amazing TV show called Supernatural. Although the two main characters in this show really are saving people and hunting monsters, I feel it also represents the very essence of my blog. Of course, we won’t be hunting real monsters here but instead something possibly even worse. We will be fighting our ‘inner demons’.

No matter what walk of life you come from, we all have our inner demons to face. And just like any hunter would in Supernatural, you need the proper tools and support for these fights. Sometimes, these tools come in the form of fandoms and if you find the right fandom (for you), you can begin to develop a way to cope and keep on fighting those demons. 

There's no shame in having to fight everyday -- Jared Padelecki Click To Tweet

We’re all in this fight together even though we often forget that. So sometimes we need a reminder. And for a lot of people out there, fangirling is their daily reminder. Believe it or not, fangirling has saved many lives because it can be a motivation to keep on fighting.

This lexicon holds the key to properly navigating this site.


Every hunter has their story on how they got into hunting and this is mine. Interested in where I’ve been and what I’ve done? Here are some posts to get you started.


A comprehensive folder filled with posts with tips and tricks on how to embrace your inner fangirl. 

  • Fangirling On a Budget
  • Survival Manuals on Attending Concerts and Conventions
  • Guest Posts from Fellow Fangirls


Fighting with the proper weapons can make a world of difference in your fights. After all, if you don’t have the right weapons to slay those demons, how can you expect to win? And how many times can you get knocked down before you stop fighting? 

I’d hate for you to get to that point where you can no longer get up and fight. So I’ve created an armory for you here filled with my favorite weapons from my numerous years of hunting. Feel free to browse through them and take whatever strikes your fancy.  

  • Brands and Worthy Causes to Align Yourself With
  • Fandom Merchandise


Sometimes it helps to hear of other people’s fights so that you don’t feel alone or disappointed in yourself. However, comparison is the murderer of all dreams and hope, so please do your best to avoid comparing yourself to any of these people. Just take comfort in knowing that everyone is also fighting their own fight. You are not alone.

Some inspiring stories to get you started:


Sometimes it’s useful to take a step back from the fight and reevaluate, so taking the time to step back to discuss completed missions can help strengthen comraderies among hunters and improve hunting skills. As they say, there are no mistakes in life, only lessons learned.

  • TV Show Episodic Recaps
  • Monthly Roundups (comprehensive list of the most newsworthy highlights that month)
  • Friday Follows and Friday Favorites


In the end when all is said and done, you only have your memories left. So as someone who hopes to inspire and make a difference in this world, I’ve gathered my favorite memories together for you all to see. So head over there when you find yourself in need of a friendly push.