Let’s face it. Being a fangirl is not easy. With a lot of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the term, I want to tell you right now, up front, that there’s no shame in being a fangirl wanting to be a fangirl. In fact, fangirling could potentially be the answer to your search to how to be happy.

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Don’t worry my fellow fangirls. I know how difficult it can be to ride against the current and I only wish my journey to becoming a fangirl was as smooth sailing as some of my friends. But unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, it wasn’t. And as I fought through my demons and insecurities, I’ve slowly realized that being a fangirl isn’t just a label you simply tack onto yourself. No, it’s a complete lifestyle. Your thoughts and actions, values and beliefs are all shaped by your fandoms and if you invest in the right fandoms (FOR YOU), the results can be incredible. It can actually be your answer to how to be happy.

So I’ve decided to create The Fandom University!!

the fandom university how to be happy

That’s right. You’ll learn everything you need to know about fully embracing the fangirl lifestyle. You’ll learn things like how to finance your fangirl adventures to how to make friends with fellow fangirls. The best part, there’s no shame or judgment in dropping out or joining in at a later stage of your life.

I’ve split the University into five different study tracks that you can work through at your own pace. Each track focuses on a specific aspect of the fangirl lifestyle. Each week there’ll be a weekly ‘class’ followed by a Fandom Feature or Weekly Roundup where we take what we learned during the week and put it into practice.

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For those who wish to personalize their education, The Lexicon is a fantastic source for you. Notice the menu above. If you’re unsure of where to go for certain topics or what each menu category mean, you can find that information in The Lexicon. I’m constantly adding new classes so check back every week.

The best part is, there’ll be free printables and workbooks for you scattered throughout the study tracks. So, are you ready to learn how to be happy? Let’s find out what you’ll be learning in each study track.

The Lexicon how to be happy

Study Track #1: The Basics of the Fangirl Lifestyle

how to be happy study track #1 the basics of the fangirl lifestyle

This study track holds all of the knowledge and tools you need for that fangirl lifestyle. You’ll discover if you’re even a fangirl at all and what being a fangirl truly even means. If you decide to adopt this lifestyle, you’ll learn the common lingo used throughout fandoms and how to ‘speak fangirl‘. You’ll learn different ways to express your fangirling and through this, you will hopefully develop a strong sense of who you are and what being a fangirl means to you. Once you find this, you’re ready to move onto the next track and find your community.

Study Track #2: Finding Your Community

how to be happy study track #2 finding your community

Great! You’ve fully decided to go fangirl mode. Only problem is, no one in your life seems to understand nor are they very supportive. That’s ok! But who needs them right? Not everyone needs to understand your passion. Not everyone needs to feel what you feel towards said TV show or band. You just need that one person.

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In this track, you’ll learn ways to how to find those who love the same things as you do. I’ll give you places to look depending on your fandom and hashtags to follow. Hopefully, through these posts, you’ll find a sense of home and begin discovering how to be happy. A sense of community. A sense of belonging.

Study Track #3: Self-Improvement Through Your Fandoms

how to be happy study track #3 self-improvement through your fandoms

As you begin learning about different fandoms and communities, I hope that you will start making friends. But remember to be patient, since each fandom is unique and different. If you went through study track #1 and #2, you’ll know that just because you fangirl about something does not mean you are involved in the fandom. So find the fandoms that fit your personality and core beliefs and once you choose to fully immerse yourself, you’ll find yourself growing in ways that you never thought possible.

In this track, we’ll explore the many ways you can use your fangirling as a tool in your self-growth. For example, through the Supernatural fandom, I am challenged and inspired to live every day with kindness and generosity. Once you complete this track, you’ll have gained more tools for your toolbox of self-improvement.

fandom university how to love yourself how to be happy

Study Track #4: Financing Your Fangirl Lifestyle

study track #4 financing your fangirl lifestyle how to be happy

By now, you’re fully aware of the benefits that come with being a fangirl. You know what the fangirl lifestyle is all about and you’re loving it so far. Of course, being a fangirl does not come cheaply but money should never be the reason you stop chasing after your dreams.

In this track, you’ll learn ways to cheapen your lifestyle without cutting back on fangirl experiences. Receive guides and resource lists as well as learn how to budget your fandom finances so you’ll never have to miss out doing something you love.

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Study Track #5: Start Mixing Your Two Worlds

study track #5 start mixing your two worlds how to be happy

Here we are, the final study track. Now that you’ve been fully equipped with the tools and know-how of living a fandom lifestyle, it’s time to share it with the world. That’s right my friends. Up until now, you’ve been shamelessly fangirling… in the comfort of your own room. Don’t deny it. I know how quickly you click out of that window when a co-worker comes over. And it’s not because you ‘should be working’.

So in this track, we’re going to change that. Be prepared to learn how to start intertwining these two seemingly different parts of your life together. Being a fangirl is now a part of your identity and the time to be ashamed is over. 

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I hope you’re excited to embark on this journey. I know I am. If you’re an eager beaver and don’t want to wait until the first class to start learning, I’ve got a free printable for you below. It’s a Year in Fandom Tracker for you to store all of your fandom related events in one place. From here on out, you are not going to put fandom events last on your priority list. Write them down and treat them like a doctor’s appointment.

I’ll also be checking in every weekend with more in-depth tips or email list exclusive resources. We’re on this journey together guys. 2018 is a time for change. Time to leave the shame and insecurities in the past and begin fully embracing your inner fangirl. So make sure you’re signed up for my Shannon K family newsletter and I’ll see you on the flipside!!

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Don’t question my love for all things Supernatural and Simple Plan!! I’m proud to be a fangirl. I hope to inspire discovery and passion through these fandoms and to showcase the magical power that comes with being a fangirl.

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