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To those who don’t believe in going to concerts,

I see you shaking your head at how I’m wasting my precious money and I wish you wouldn’t be like that. Those moments at concerts have been some of my favorite memories in 2016 and how else would I spend that money anyway? On food? I could. But I love going to concerts because they remind me what life is all about. They make me feel special and they make me feel like a part of something important.

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INSPIRATION: These artists don’t start touring out of sheer dumb luck. They work really hard each and every day. So if they can do it, why can’t you? Why can’t I? Why can’t any of us? These artists all share stories during their concerts about playing in basements or garages when they were younger. They share with us how they would go hours just writing and creating music. And they never did it because they wanted to become famous. They did it because they love music so much and music healed them. That’s inspirational.

AN ESCAPE: I grew up listening to a lot of these artists and always turned to their music whenever I needed a little pick me up. Actually, I can sometimes go an entire day just listening to one song. So to see them perform these songs that I love and cherish live … well, there’s really no better feeling.

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SOLIDARITY: Music brings people together. No question about that. And sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded that we’re not alone in our struggles and experiences.

We’re talking about concerts though and when you pay for a concert, you’re not just paying for the music. You’re paying to watch a performance with the lights, the backdrops, and the stories — the whole shebang.

You’re paying for the opportunity to truly live in the moment with other fans and this sense of solidarity cannot be replicated elsewhere. Click To Tweet

For those who feel alone and live for an artist’s music, watching the artists share stories from their own lives before singing and to see the emotion in their eyes as they sing… I don’t know how to fully explain it. It’s truly special though.

“This song describes what music means to me and how much I depend on it.”

But watching others around you sing the lyrics that you yourself have sung a million times just feels so special. And it does something to you. You almost feel this huge wave of relief wash over you, because, for a moment, you might hope that the bad times will pass and that it’s ok to not be ok all the time.

So for anyone who says that going to concerts is a waste of time and money… I say… 

Please understand, accept, and respect our decisions for spending our money on concerts, conventions, and music festivals. Click To Tweet

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