Happy Boxing Day everyone! I hope everyone’s holidays have been going well. I initially had another post planned for today but I’ve decided to move it to Thursday since last Friday, I got a very exciting package. My Christmas present if you will.

This is the new CultureFly Supernatural Box. For those unfamiliar with who CultureFly is, it is an organization that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind subscription boxes for fans and each box is uniquely catered with items and references that only a true fan would understand and appreciate. This specific CultureFly Supernatural box is $49.99 and is a quarterly subscription.

CultureFly has a new quarterly mystery subscription box for Supernatural fans. The CultureFly Supernatural Box and I'm unboxing everything in this post. Find out what you'll need as you join the Winchester Brothers on their next hunt!! Join the Hunt!!

You can purchase your own through HERE.

Before we get to the unboxing, I want to first say that when I first stumbled into this strange world of fandoms, I never understood the point in fandom merchandise because I was raised to believe that it was frivolous spending which I will talk about in a future post.

CultureFly has a new quarterly mystery subscription box for Supernatural fans. The CultureFly Supernatural Box and I'm unboxing everything in this post. Find out what you'll need as you join the Winchester Brothers on their next hunt!! Join the Hunt!!

Now, let’s get to the CultureFly Supernatural Unboxing shall we?!

There are nine items in this particular box, although you could also count the box as its own item. It’s extremely sturdy and has a gorgeous photo of our boys. Use it to store your other fandom trinkets or transform it into a secret time capsule box.

As you can see, CultureFly took great care in compiling this box. It's so organized and neatly packaged, I immediately fell in love with it. Click To Tweet

On to the items in the CultureFly Supernatural Box

Wooden Coaster Set: Four wooden coasters each engraved with a Supernatural symbol. You have the anti-possession symbol, the Men of Letters symbol, the Devil’s trap symbol and the angel banishing symbol.culturefly supernatural box wooden coasters

Men of Letters Key Replica: This is a really neat little trinket. Mine’s kind of a bit roughed up and I’m not sure if it’s meant to be like that or if it got damaged in the shipping. The Men of Letters case feels kind of glimpse but the key is actually a pin that you can use, so that’s pretty cool. 

        men of letters replica culturefly supernatural subscription box     men of letter's replica culturefly supernatural subscription box

EMF Mini Planter: Now this is really cool. If you’re a Supernatural fan, then you know the importance of an EMF Meter. This planter is perfect for storing small plants. Or, you can also use it as a desk organizer to keep your pens and pencils together in one place.emf planter culturefly supernatural subscription boxemf planter culturefly supernatural subscription box

Rowena’s Voodoo Doll Plush: I will admit, not sure what to do with this but it makes me kind of miss Rowena. Don’t think she’s gone forever though. She’ll be back. This doll kind of reminds me of Invader Zim. I suppose if you’re into voodoo it could be useful. Or you could use it as a scaring tool. Just put it in random places and laugh out loud as your friends and families suddenly and unexpectedly run into this beautiful little face. Lord, I’m cruel.

        rowena's voodoo doll culturefly supernatural box    rowena's voodoo doll culturefly supernatural box

Pie Slice Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker: These are small but also an adorable example of how carefully curated these CultureFly boxes are for fans.The CultureFly Supernatural box is no exception. Any Supernatural fans will know that pie… is an important part of the TV show. Because if Dean is eating pie or is asking for pie, you can breathe a sigh of relief.pie slices salt and pepper shaker culturefly supernatural subscription box


culturefly supernatural boxx

Enochian Brass Knuckles Bottle Opener: Initially I had no idea that this was a bottle opener. I guess it helps to read the tag sometimes huh? But this is another very creative way of interweaving aspects of the show and practicality all into one. You can now be triple sure that no one’s going to touch that bottle of beer for fear of getting a knuckle sandwich in return.

We also have a mini poster of our boys in Season 10 and a Men of Letters sweatshirt.

I ordered a small and it looks to be a bit big. But it’s pretty thick and very comfortable. It has the Men of Letters symbol all over it and seems perfect for wearing when you’re just lounging around. The poster is roughly 8.5×11 in size and has Dean with the Mark of Cain and the Angels Blade. It would be a great item to have the boys autograph at a convention.

And lastly… the Men of Letters Embossed Journal. I love journals. I journal every day and this particular one actually reminds me of Shelley’s John Winchester Journal over at ConQuest Journal. But this journal is much thinner and is made of PU leather which means it’s water resistance!! Can’t wait to start using this next year!

men of letters journal culturefly supernatural boxmen of letters journal culturefly supernatural box

So there you have it! An intense and detailed look at the very FIRST Official CultureFly Supernatural Subscription Box! I love it so much and can’t wait to start using the items.

It is a bit expensive at $49.99 a box but it’s also quarterly so you get four boxes a year instead of twelve boxes a year. So if you think about it, it’s kind of the same price as the monthly box.

culturefly supernatural box

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this particular unboxing post and let me know if you would like to see more. Make sure to share this post with your fellow Supernatural fans on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest if you did.

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