Glancing nervously over my shoulder, I stuck my hands into my pockets and headed off into the dark alleyway. Scanning the walls, I looked for some outer lining that could resemble a secret door. There. It was small but it was there. With careful fingers, I traced the fine line down before giving it a careful push. Stepping back, I watched the stone wall creak as it rolled open. Glancing one last time around, I ducked my head and disappeared into the hole in the wall.

Ok, so maybe being a fangirl isn’t quite this mysterious and secretive, but sometimes it feels like it is. I wouldn’t say I am ashamed of being a fangirl. Quite the contrary actually.

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So it’s no surprise that there are different types of fangirls out there. AND NEW FLASH!! They don’t all act the same way. But that’s ok. There is no one right way to fangirl. Just like anything else in life, there are a lot of different paths and today at Fandom University, we’ll be looking at a few different types of fangirls.

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First, what is a fangirl again? An excerpt from the wonderful Urban Dictionary

A rabid breed of human female who is obesessed with either a fictional character or an actor. Similar to the breed of fanboy. Fangirls congregate at anime conventions and livejournal. Have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obesessions.
Hugh Jackman: ‘ello. 
Fangirl: SQUEEEEEE! *immediately attaches to Jackman’s leg* 
Jackman: Security!

Um…. yes, fangirls are a special breed. And it is true, there are some… overly enthusiastic and socially inept fans. Some are not exactly friendly, which unfortunately gives the rest of us fangirls a bad name. We are often described as annoying adolescents with obnoxious and rude behavior, screaming and attacking said obsession. So let me clear the air for ya’llplease remember that this is all in jest and please don’t take what I say personally.


Social Butterfly:  Social butterflies are friendly, respectful, and relatively normal creatures. They’re in love with their fandom because it speaks to them in some form or another. Not because of vanity or popularity (though of course, the eye candy certainly doesn’t hurt). On the contrary, social butterflies often fall in love with a fandom despite it’s ‘nerdiness’ or ‘weirdness’. They wear their love on their sleeves and proudly showcase their passion for the fandom. Whether that’d be going to conventions, donning fandom related gear, or socializing at social fandom-related gatherings, social butterflies are always up for having a good time and can temper their passion if needed.

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Screaming Teeny Boppers: They lurk in the shadows with their phone tightly held up in front of their faces, waiting for hours. And when he finally emerges in the distance, the screaming and social media documenting starts. Normal mortals with the unfortunate task of accompanying these particular fangirls should definitely bring earplugs, otherwise, permanent damage to the eardrum and perhaps the psyche may result. Justin Bieber concert anyone? Or perhaps, One Direction… or even better… BTS. GOT7. EXO. Screaming. Crying. Pushing.

These fangirls are selfish and competitive. They should not be underestimated or challenged. Their love is perfect and can do no wrong. So don’t even bother trying to reason with them. They will only get angry and defensive. And when they get angry, run away. But if you want to be a screaming teeny bopper, prepare to start biting, scratching and hair pulling.

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Serial Closeted Junkie: Curled up tightly like a burrito, they lie in bed with the door tightly closed and locked. Because no one must know what they are doing. Bloodshot eyes, crumpled tissues, and blanket wrapped tightly around the body. Completely hypnotized by what’s happening in front of them, they often talk to themselves, talk to the characters and even shout accusatorily at them.

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Come daylight, this specific type of fangirl rubs her dry, red, puffy eyes and goes to clear her cookies and browser history. Only secretly engaging with the fandom, this fangirl goes to great length to keep her obsession a secret. As if living a double life, she keeps everything fandom related to herself. But once the sun sets, she retires back into her cave for another long night of obsessive indulgement. pinterest pin types of fangirl

Self-Proclaimed Connoisseur: Much like their relatives, the social butterflies, self-proclaimed connoisseurs take great pride in being a fangirl. They do not hide the fact that they know anything and everything about their fandom. They are avid users of social media and have the Google skills akin to a hacker or the FBI. Because of their incredible well of knowledge on the fandom and unabashed personality, they can sometimes come off arrogant or self-righteous. One must take caution when questioning a self-proclaimed connoisseur’s knowledge. 

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But if you’re interested in learning more about the fandom and getting involved, self-proclaimed connoisseurs are great people to go to.

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Wallflower: These poor young fangirls are incredibly sweet, shy, and delicate. They love just as strongly as their other relatives but feel too shy to fully embrace the fangirl lifestyle. They are quiet observers, often looking from the outside in. 

However, while some wallflowers are too afraid or shy to dive into their fandom, other wallflowers feel content to simply fangirl passively. Click To Tweet

The reasons for this are wide and varied. The fandom itself may not fit the wallflower’s vibe and style. Or maybe they have a full plate with everything in their real life leaving them with only a couple of hours a week to fangirl.

Of course, take these descriptions with a little grain of salt. Fangirls look different in every fandom making it hard to classify them like cattle.

No matter, at the crux of the term, fangirl evokes appreciation and love. Whether it’s simple infatuation or genuine love and passion depends on the fangirl. For example, I hear Simple Plan is coming to a town near me and I immediately purchase a ticket. How I get there and who I go with, I’d figure it out later.  Most recently, I’ve become a Supernatural convert and slightly squealed when I met Jensen and Jared, albeit briefly. And my dear friend, Alana King, is a full blown fangirl for Jared.

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But on the flip side, I couldn’t tell you the names of One Republic’s band members even though I love their songs. Nor could I tell you the current Michigan Wolverine players and staff. Oh wait, Denard Robinson is no longer on the team? When did he graduate? Oh…. >.<

Still, my love for the Blue and Gold runs deep and there will never be a moment in my life when I’m not going to be rooting for them.

So yes, fangirls are crazy, overly enthusiastic, and maybe a bit weird. But also wonderful and lovable. They can be greatly empathetic and intellectual. So don’t scoff when you see someone fangirling. Everyone needs something to love and care about.

Why does it matter who or what it is? 

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. If you’d like some extra clarification on the types of fangirls and find out which one you may fall under, please fill out the form below. You’ll get a free printable sent to your inbox that you can print and carry along with you. This way, you’ll never mistakenly identify a fangirl ever again. Because sometimes fangirls can be a tad sensitive and defensive.

Next Tuesday, we’ll be learning the stages of fangirling. Because you don’t just instantly become a fangirl. Becoming a full blown fangirl is a slow process and sometimes it can sneak up on you. So don’t be caught off guard. Make sure you come back next week to learn how to spot the signs. Until then, stay curious and always keep fighting.🙂

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Don’t question my love for all things Supernatural and Simple Plan!! I’m proud to be a fangirl. I hope to inspire discovery and passion through these fandoms and to showcase the magical power that comes with being a fangirl.

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