I don’t usually write TV Recaps for shows other than Supernatural because I watch a lot of shows and the number of TV recaps I would have to write would be nuts. But this particular iZombie has a special place in my heart and I want to give it its due notice. Why is specific episode so special to me? Because of who directed it. Joaquin Sedillo. 

Joaquin Sedillo: I’m just a guy who loves his family & enjoys making interesting & entertaining pictures move.  (I shoot the tv show GLEE & )

I had the pleasure of meeting Joaquin when I first moved to Los Angeles. He was one of my very first informational interviews and he’s an absolute sweetheart. Although I’m now on the East Coast, we still keep in touch and I absolutely love his work. I could gush all day about him but this particular blog post is not about him. It’s about the iZombie episode that he directed: Goon Struck. So here’s what you need to know about iZombie Goon Struck.

izombie goon struck

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This episode carried a lot. Packaged together in classic comedy fashion, iZombie toes the line between being crazy and over the top to oh shit, that got dark fast. Almost as if doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, watching this particular episode really sent a chill through my bones. We’re finally seeing just how dangerous this new zombie knowledge is becoming. 

izombie goon struck

What this show does exceptionally well is its seamless flow between comedy and drama. We start off by following Don E and Major on a road trip and it was most definitely my favorite part of the episode. This ‘seemingly random’ road trip really showcased the two character’s personalities and dang, Don E may be running with the wrong crowd but he sure is insanely adorable with his childlike excitement and witty quips. Plus the utter disgust and look of judgment on Major’s face killed me (no pun intended).

Why are Major and Don E together?

We later find out they were trying to bring the daughter of the General into the city. Faced with the real possibility of his daughter becoming a zombie, the General would have no choice but to step back and surrender. Sure it’s evil and gross but hey, whatever it takes… right?

Plus, they played Sum41 as the road trip music!! Throwback to my high school days and I kind of love Joaquin a little bit more for it.

izombie goon struckizombie goon struckizombie goon struckizombie goon struckizombie goon struckizombie goon struckizombie goon struck

The case of the week is all about ice hockey. And we see Liv and Clive embrace the Canadian favorite past time with full-on Canadian stereotypes and hilarious quips. We get to see Liv (Rose McIver) channel her inner hockey player and the pride just radiating from Clive is adorable and hilarious. We know Clive has a soft spot for Liv but actually seeing him outwardly express his affections for the blonde zombie is quite rare. So it was a really cute moment. I suppose to mentally prepare us for the trauma at the end.

izombie goon struckizombie goon struckizombie goon struckizombie goon struck

And if you’re a fan of Glee, pay particular attention to the jersey that the hero hockey player is wearing. A very subtle ode to the late Corey Monteith that Joaquin Sedillo did not have to do at all. Thank you, Joaquin. 

TL:DR. Fillmore Graves blackmails Blaine into finding Renegade and then cover up his crimes and their involvement. Click To Tweet

izombie goon struck

To make matters worse, Chase decides to punish Renegade for her ‘crime’ of turning humans into zombies with a public execution via guillotine. Mostly he does this out of a militaristic need to show control over New Seattle and even though it seems heartless and cruel, we do see him struggle with reconciling his moral beliefs with his actions. 

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This sudden execution though is a huge turning point in this show. We finally see Liv step up and fight for what she believes in. She’s so often running off of someone else’s personality that we rarely get to see who Liv actually is. So it’s refreshing to finally see her personality and values shine through.

At her core, she wants to help people who can’t help themselves. And after what happened in this episode, there’s a real chance for her to do this by continuing Mama Leone’s work.

izombie goon struck

So now the chess pieces are set. With Liv struggling with the sudden turn of events and Major’s involvement in said events, we can now assume that she and Major will be on opposite sides, which I’m looking forward to seeing. Major’s ascent through the rank and file of Fillmore Graves was surprisingly fast since it seems like Major has 100% flipped from his former self and who he was before he became a zombie.

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All in all, I really loved this episode and can’t wait to see what’s next. Plus, the fact that Joaquin Sedillo directed this episode makes it just a little bit better. He’s really talented and his directorial choices in the cinematography and flow of the episode were spot on. I loved the tiny breaks in storyline that made me laugh out loud and the interactions between all of the actors were exceptionally strong this episode. A+ directing sir!!

Zombie Brain Musings:

  • CW probably has one of the best casting people in the world. Casting Dawnn Lewis as Renegade/Mama Leone was so smart. Lewis played Mama Leone with so much humanity and honesty. It’s no wonder Liv felt inspired to take over and continue her work.
  • How is Peyton going to play into all of this? Hopefully, she won’t get tossed aside during this human vs zombie ‘civil war’. 
  • And lastly…Don E and Major popping out of crates filled with iced brains!! Whoever wrote that scene is a genius because I absolutely loved it. I may have squealed a little bit.

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izombie goon struck

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