Wow! What an episode. Supernatural Season 13 has been no joke with so many twists and turns. So in case, you haven’t yet watched Supernatural Season 13 Devil’s Bargain… SPOILERS AHEAD!! Please proceed with caution, I don’t want to be responsible for ruining your experience while watching this particular episode. But… not a spoiler… Danneel Harris Ackles is in this episode!!supernatural season 13 devil's bargain danneel harris acklesSomething that I love about Supernatural is that there are always questions… that eventually get answered. Sometimes it can take forever for them to get answered but eventually, the writers get there. 

We’re halfway through the season and everything is slowly coming together. Everyone we’ve loved (and hated) is coming back in some shape or an another. This can admittedly bringing get messy real fast but the writers at Supernatural are doing a fantastic job in keeping these characters true to their core, intertwining their stories into the current story and most importantly, staying canon.

Although I was watching Luci a bit anxiously this season, I'm glad that he's back to his fun evil powerful self. Click To Tweet

So I’m going to format my TV recaps a bit differently from others that you may read from other entertainment media sites. Let me know what you think of this format and whether you find it too boring, too summary, too whatever. I write to stimulate conversation. I don’t want to be talking to the wall you know so I need your input!!

supernatural season 13 devil's bargain

A Supernatural Season 13 Devil's Bargain Episode Recap Click To Tweet

In this episode recap, I’m going to share:

  • three times I rolled my eyes while watching
  • five moments that you may have missed
  • five incredibly witty one-liners
  • five moments that had me cheering
  • five questions that I still have and can’t wait to have answered

DISCLAIMER: This Supernatural Season 13 Devil’s Bargain post is going to be a doozy so I hope you’ve grabbed yourself a hot mug of coffee and are ready to read and discuss.

Three Times I Rolled My Eyes While Watching Supernatural Season 13 Devil's Bargain Click To Tweet

1. When Sister Jo’s Bargain with Luci Became All Sexual-Like: Was it really necessary to make this whole scene so sexual? From the crazy Arabic-esque music to their behaviors, everything about the whole grace exchange screamed sexual and I didn’t really like it. They really played it up and I’m sorry, but they could’ve used the five-minute scene on something else.

2. When Luci Spoke About Being Jack’s Dad

I love Lucifer. I really do. He’s so complex and I actually do enjoy seeing the writers and Mark Pellegrino play around with his character. But I couldn’t help roll my eyes when he said that he was nervous about being Jack’s dad. I know they say parenthood changes people so I get why he may suddenly be feeling so uncomfortable with the idea of being a dad. This moment just seems misplaced. I was already put off by the previous scene so the pillow talk between Sister Jo and Luci was well… bleurgh.

3. When Ketch Tried to Make Himself Seem Like A Good Guy: Come on Ketch, Team Free Will (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki, Misha Collinsdoesn’t like you. They never will. So seeing you try and plead your case to the guys really had me rolling my eyes. Please, lesser than the three evils?? Really? Cause that’s always the perfect argument.

Five Moments You May Have Missed In Supernatural Season 13 Devil's Bargain Click To Tweet

1. That silly homage to KFC and Colonel Sanders: No secret, Asmodeus looks a lot like Colonel Sanders. Even Dean said so himself. So as soon as Asmodeus stepped onto our screens, the Twittersphere blew up with memes and tweets.

Apparently, those in the writer’s room loved this comparison and thought it’d be fun to play along… or maybe it was just product placement.

2. Shoutout to Wayward Sisters!! <3: I am loving the shift in power currently happening in entertainment and Supernatural Season 13 Devil’s Bargain was just another example! We are finally acknowledging that women are just as strong and influential as men. Sister Jo (Danneel Harris Ackles) is just the last example of powerful women in this show. How she bargains with Luci and still manages to play EVERYONE is so impressive and so although I’m feeling a bit off about her, I can respect her. She’s almost like the angel version of Bela.

supernatural season 13 devil's bargain sister jo  supernatural season 13 devil's bargain sister jo  supernatural season 13 devil's bargain sister jo

3. Dean’s and Cas’s Silent Conversations: Now that Team Free Will is back together, so are those silent conversations between Dean and Cas. I mean I guess when you’ve gone through Hell and Purgatory together, literally, you’re bound to know everything about one another, including what the other person is thinking. Whether you support Destiel or not, the glances between Dean and Cas are surprisingly refreshing since it reminds us that some things never change.

team free will in supernatural season 13 devil's bargain

4. Luci Fact Checking the Bible: I mean, I guess if you’re going to have someone fact check the Bible, who better to do so than the Devil right? I’m not sure why but this moment really showed how brilliant of an actor Mark Pellegrino is. Such a quick moment that blink and you’ll miss it but if you catch it, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Luci all over again. Because even though he’s evil, he’s not a villain. He’s got quirks, he’s got personality, and he’s got baggage.

5. When Art Imitates Life: Something I love about Supernatural is that the cast and crew really love their fans and vice versa. So when there are small homages to the fandom within the show, I squeal like no other. For example, in last week’s episode, the diner that Sam and Dean went to was called ‘Manny’s’. But, to pay tribute to one of the fandom’s own, the ‘y’ was out and so the sign read ‘Mann’s’ … as in… Jason Manns

David Haydn-Jones did this again in this week’s episode when he told Team Free Will that he was ‘less than the three evils’. At first, I admit, I didn’t understand the reference but thanks to my lovely Twitter family, I learned that David was throwing it back to last year when his “Less Than Three Campaign”.

And… I know this is subjective but… 

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Five Incredible One-Liners In Supernatural Season 13 Devil’s Bargain

How did you get out of the trunk? I'm Ketch -- @DavidHaydnJones Click To Tweet

I was a so-so angel, but it turns out I'm an excellent businesswoman -- @DanneelHarris Click To Tweet We're boned ... epically -- @mishacollins Click To Tweet What are you gawking at, you never seen the Prince of Darkness before? --@markrpelligrino Click To Tweet Well given the circumstances, I didn't think it was a stupid idea -- @mishacollines Click To Tweet

supernatural season 13 devil's bargain castiel

Five Times I Cheered While Watching Supernatural Season 13 Devil's Bargain Click To Tweet

1. When Cas Nonchalantly Knocked Ketch Out: Cas continues to show us that his time in The Big Empty has all but taken away his self-loathing and shame. He literally has no time for anyone’s bullshit anymore and I’m loving it. Even Sam and Dean seemed shocked at how over Ketch Cas was.

cas knocking ketch out in supernatural season 13 devil's bargain


Fun Fact: David Haydn-Jones later shared with the #SPNFamily that the script originally called for a Cas punch but Misha Collins went and changed it once they started shooting.

2. When Lucifer Tried…and failed… at Being Human: I’m sorry Luci, you suck as a human. But it was so funny to see him try so hard. I wasn’t cheering because he was human and powerless, I’m not cruel… I was cheering because I found human Luci so… awkwardly endearing. Almost like seeing a lion shaved of its majestic mane.

3. When Dean Apologized to Cas

dean apologizing to cas in supernatural season 13 devil's bargain  dean apologizing to cas in supernatural season 13 devil's bargain

It was a long time coming and I’ve always felt that Sam and Dean took Cas for granted. So it was really nice to see this scene between the two where Dean actually says the words “I’m sorry”. This scene was so full of undertones and it felt good to see the two wipe the slate clean of guilt and mistrust. Finger’s crossed that this means a fresh start for the two and that Team Free Will is back and here to stay.

4. When Cas Put Sam and Dean In Their Place

Sassy Cas continues in Supernatural Season 13 Devil’s Bargain and he’s got a lot to say. It seems like his time in the Big Empty really showed him just how long he’s been everyone’s punching bag. He’s tired of being put down and feeling sorry for himself. So it’s good to see him finally fight back, in every sense of the word. Plus, I find sassiness and wit my favorite forms of humor. It stimulates the mind and shows the true strength of a show’s writing in Supernatural.


gabriel's back on supernatural season 13 devil's bargain

I shouldn’t need to explain this to anyone. I knew Gabriel wasn’t dead. So when Asmodeus said ‘archangel’, it only cemented this belief. It obviously wasn’t Michael or Luci and Rafael’s been long destroyed. Even after his departure from the show, Richard Speight Jr.’s stayed with the Supernatural family, directing and appearing at conventions. And since Gabriel’s a fan favorite, it made perfect sense.

I’m so excited to see Gabriel back and have Richard Speight Jr. grace our TV screens again. It’ll be a great way for us to color the different relationships between all of the characters and really see just how who’s fighting against who.

Five Questions I Still Have After Watching Supernatural Season 13 Devi's Bargain Click To Tweet

1. What’s going on with Cas? Is he getting sick?

2. Where has that Demon Tablet been all this time?

3. Why is Gabriel’s mouth sewn shut? What happened??

4. Who’s side is Sister Jo on? Actually, who’s on who’s side in general?

5. So um… who’s the actual big bad villain? Is it Michael or Lucifer or Asmodeus?

Well, there you have it. After watching the episode a second time, I’ve come to appreciate this episode a little bit more. We’re slowly starting to piece together all of the plotlines that have been going on, almost as like we’re seeing the light at the end of a tunnel when everything that’s been happening finally makes sense. 

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