After a rough week, I was looking forward to a new Supernatural episode and this week’s episode was by far one of my favorites!! This week, we took a break from Lucifer and Asmodeus and instead focused on our beloved Team Free Will as they prep for a possible war to come. Here’s what you need to know about Supernatural Season 13 ‘Good Intentions’. supernatural season 13 good intentions

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We started out in the Apocalypse World where we saw Zachariah attempt to manipulate Jack (Alex Calvert) through various forms of visions. But our little Jack is a smart one and saw through it all. He told Michael as much. Frustrated, Michael threw him into a cell and, as luck would have it, the exact cell that Mary (Sam Smith) was in.

Supernatural Season 13 'Good Intentions' mary winchester

I gotta say, Mary looks pretty good, considering. She’s a bit out of it when she sees Jack. I suppose endless torture will do that to you. But she recognizes him and tells him about Michael’s plan for war. Then they start talking about migraines and Mary and Jack quickly realize that there’s a weak spot in the warding. 

So using his powers, Jack breaks them free and they quickly run for it, with Zachariah hot on their tails. As they creep through the barren hellscape, they come face to face with none other than Apocalypse World Bobby!

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I wasn’t sure what to expect from Apocalypse World Bobby. Would he be the same as our Bobby? Kind, warm, and blunt to a fault? As it turns out, save for his mistrust of angels, Apoca-Bobby doesn’t seem that different from our Bobby. Still holding loyalties and family above anything else. Plus, it was great to see Jim Beaver on my TV screen again.

I found his interaction with Mary really sweet when he took them back to his camp. It was a short scene but as Jack and Mary settled down, Jack quickly began making friends with the camper kids, showing off his excellent shadow puppet skills. It definitely made me smile a little. Because even in the midst of all the destruction, it showed a glimmer of joy and hope, which Mary certainly mused over as shared a glass of whiskey with Apoca-World Bobby.

Supernatural Season 13 'Good Intentions' shadow puppets

Sharing stories, Bobby told her that his Mary was complicated, brave, and sad. Mary quickly finds out that her Apocalypse World counterpart passed on the demon deal, lost the love of her life, and never moved on. So basically, Mary got screwed no matter what decision she made. 

Meredith did a fantastic job in addressing something that’s been long haunting the Winchester family. Did Mary’s Demon Deal ruin her boys’ lives? Well, as Bobby pointed out, “Her own demon deal may have caused her sons pain, but in the end, I’d say you made the right choice”. And you could almost see the weight lift from her shoulders.

Another great tribute to all the times either boy felt suicidal and questioned his existence. Maybe I’m just deep in my feels but I just can’t stop thinking about Jared’s ‘Always Keep Fighting’ campaign with this apocalypse world storyline. Bobby praised Sam and Dean, saying that he refused their offer to return to their world with them because his own world doesn’t have any Winchester brothers. He’s the closest thing his world had.

Of course, nothing good lasts forever and they soon find themselves under attack. Bobby immediately blames Jack for attracting the angels to their safe haven. Mary orders Jack to hide and save himself while she and Bobby do recon and rescue, which he obeys.

The angels commence killing, and Zachariah looks ready to annihilate Mary. Not so fast Zachariah. Hasn’t anyone told you not to mess around with Jack’s family? Jack suddenly appears and levitates Zachariah before blasting him to smoke. He then pulls the same trick on some angels zooming overhead, leaving both Mary and Bobby looking a little peak.

As they tend to the freshly wounded, Bobby thanks Jack and, god bless our little nougat’s soul, Jack says he came back because Sam and Dean would never have run from a fight. He may be only six months old but the boys are certainly raising him up well. Jack realizes that as long as Michael’s alive, the war will never end. 

So what does that mean?

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What an incredible parallel!! Mary and Jack’s story ends there in this episode but meanwhile, our boys are coming to the same realizations in our world.

Donatello is struggling through a rough translation session with the demon tablet and Castiel looks concerned when he brings the prophet his breakfast. It’s so domestic, it brings back the ‘this is home feels!! 

Things almost seem normal as the scene jumps to Sam (Jared Padalecki) silently judging Dean (Jensen Ackles) for his eating habits, to which Dean replies, “Dude, if bacon’s what kills me, then I win.”

Of course, their sibling bickering gets interrupted by Donatello, who bursts into the room, shouting Eureka over completing the translation. 

To everyone’s surprise, looks like they only needed the hearts of Gog and Magog

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So naturally, Cas (Misha Collins) volunteers to go and Dean offers to go with him. Wait, did anyone else catch that parallel? Remember when Cas offered to join Dean on his dangerous missions? And now Dean is returning the favor? I do believe the boys are starting to finally realize that Cas is not immortal and that they need to stop taking him for granted. So since someone’s gotta keep him safe, must as well be Dean right? Profound bond and all.

      Supernatural Season 13 'Good Intentions' i'll go with you  Supernatural Season 13 'Good Intentions' i'll go with you

     Supernatural Season 13 'Good Intentions' i'll go with you  Supernatural Season 13 'Good Intentions' i'll go with you

Before they leave, Dean actually tries to have a heart-to-heart with Cas, who’s struggling with accepting his resurrection. Woah Dean, I thought we didn’t do chick flick moments. Cas shrugs off Dean’s attempt, simply stating, vaguely, that maybe he was brought back to prepare for war. That’s what Michael does, after all. 

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By the way, did anyone else notice the odd camera directions in this episode? With the weirdly framed close-ups and angles. I’m not too thrilled about them and I noticed it particularly with this last scene when Cas seemed a lot shorter than Dean… I know it was just the camera angle but…

supernatural season 13 'good intentions' promo shots

Anyway, let’s move on to one of my favorite scenes from this episode. This entire scene was hilarious and full of innuendo. I could not get enough. We naturally find the two boys standing in an open green field because there’s no better place for a brawl with two Herculean warriors right? Busting bust out the angel blades, Castiel hands one over to Dean and starts chanting in Enochian. But when nothing happens, Dean asks if Cas maybe made a mistake and Cas’s response was just so funny.  In case you didn’t know already, Cas is so over it this season.

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Although, Dean’s eye roll was pure gold too. I’m not sure if it was actually in the script or if it was Jensen eye rolling Misha. It would be a great question to ask at a convention because that moment was just so pure and too precious for words

Then, as if that wasn’t funny enough. Two dudes straight out of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys appear, and Dean can barely contain his laughter at their loincloths. “It’s like a furry diaper!” Yes Dean, I feel you!! 

Castiel keeps a straight face and translates the brothers’ Canaanite speech since Dean’s knowledge of supernatural languages is next to none. The brothers bicker, as brothers do, and Magog wants to kill the “pretty one”. But which one is the pretty one? Gog points out that “they are equally pretty.” 

supernatural season 13 'good intentions' gog and magog

supernatural season 13 'good intentions' gog and magog

Well, after some fighting here and some slaying there, it turns out that Magog actually meant Castiel when he said “pretty one”. Yes Magog, I agree. Castiel is indeed a beautiful angel. Magog goes to kill Castiel before getting stabbed in the back by Dean. When Castiel cuts into Magog though, he discovers that they’re just primitive beasts filled with rocks and sand with no heart. Which means, Donatello lied to them.

All the while, poor Sam is working enthusiastically back at the Bunker without so much as a clue. Honestly, seemed a bit more Jared than Sam in that scene as he stirred and mixed up the ingredients. Completely clueless to Donatello sneaking up on him, Sam gets bashed in the head with a bottle. Yet he somehow remains conscious to fight off the prophet and lock him up in a cell.

Castiel and Dean return to find Sam nursing a large shiner and immediately, Dean is like “the muppet professor attacked you?” Sam shows them security footage of Donatello ranting in a cell and Cas realizes that Donatello didn’t want them to survive their mission. Well, who would’ve thunk. 

But when Sam and Dean go to interrogate the prophet, Donatello actually starts making Dean gasp and choke. Cas, watching from the monitor, races to make sure his best friend was ok. Thankfully, once out of Donatello’s presence, Dean instantly recovered.

As Team Free Will regroups and figures out what to do next Dean idiotically asks Cas if it’s bad that Donatello has no soul… the side-eye that he gets from Cas… I died laughing. Sam realizes Donatello is permanently broken since there’s no soul for them to recover like they did for Sam. Amara ate Donatello’s soul so it’s gone forever. Now, not only do they not have the ingredients for the gate but Donatello’s also lost any possible protection from the darkness of the tablet, making him a danger to everyone.

supernatural season 13 'good intentions' donatello

Now here’s where we finally get to see full-on soldier Cas back!! As he processes this information, Cas realizes that the best thing to do is end Donatello’s suffering so a new prophet gets called forward. But the Winchesters balk at this plan and hesitates. So Castiel storms off into the interrogation room, locks the door, takes off his trench coat, and ignoring Donatello’s warning that this might fry them both, strips the ingredients from Donatello’s mind. Literally.

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The Winchesters stand outside completely stunned while Donatello screams and screams. Eventually, Cas gets the list of ingredients, but in doing so, Donatello’s now braindead and breathing through a machine. Man, there’s really no glory in being a prophet in the Supernatural-verse.

Sam and Dean attack Cas, demanding to know why he thought it ok to ‘kill’ a human being. Thankfully, Castiel got to defend himself and argue that Donatello was already corrupt, soulless, and working with Asmodeus, which endangered them all. But then Dean had the nerve to ask who died and made Castiel God. Did anyone else feel like smacking Dean up over the head? I love him but man, that was a completely hypocritical and self-righteous thing for him to say. We all know that he and Sam have done much worse things before… um… 

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So when Cas snapped back that he was done wasting time, I found myself grinning like a complete idiot. Our Cas is back ya’ll! He’s done trying to feel wanted and useful. He’s tired of everyone telling him who he is and isn’t, what he can and can’t do. In his eyes, killing Donatello was necessary because “they need to prepare for war, and he did what soldiers do.”

And surprisingly, the two boys listened. Another huge win this season. Communication has always been Team Free Will’s downfall but it looks like they are finally learning how to stop and listen to one another!!

Cas tells them the four ingredients they need: the grace of an archangel, a fruit from the Tree of Life, the Seal of Solomon, and the blood of “a most holy man.” Yes Cas, just rattle off the ingredients as if you’re going shopping at the local grocery store. This should be easy peasy.

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Bunker musings:

  • So excited that Season 4 Castiel is back: the soldier, the killer, the one-minded pragmatist. But this time, he’s fueled by love rather than orders. Which makes you wonder, should we be more frightened of this version of Cas?
  • How great was it to see Bobby again? Always love seeing Jim Beavers grace my TV screen. Seeing Bobby brings up almost a level of comfort for me. So I’ll take him any way they want to give him to us.
  • Looks like we’ll be going on another quest, my Supernatural friends! Are you excited? How much do you want to bet that this is why the writers brought Gabriel back? Is this a way to bring God (Rob Benedict) back as well? The most holy man? But then again, God’s not actually a man, is he?

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