Good Morning!! Who’s ready for the second edition of this Supernatural Convention story? Today’s Jared and Jensen Day!!

The day started off with me and my friend nearly missing our photo op with Jensen because I had overslept. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. Jared also slept through his alarm, thereby messing up the entire Sunday schedule. Thank the Lord. I honestly probably would’ve cried if I caused us to miss meeting Jensen.supernatural convention pinterest pin


As we anxiously waited in line for our turn, I watched Chris Schmelke (the talented photographer) work his magic.

Poor Jensen looked exhausted and got confused when I told him it was my friend’s birthday and asked if he could give her a kiss on the cheek. To be fair, we were both talking at the same time. But you could see the wheels turning as he tried to process what we wanted. My friend told me afterward that she didn’t think Jensen would actually kiss her cheek and got caught off guard when he turned towards her, hence her “I don’t know what’s happening” expression. She doesn’t like it but I think it’s cute. What say you?

jensen ackles photo op supernatural convention


After the photo op, we headed upstairs to explore the vendors’ area. I introduced her to the lovely Lynn and Shelley who I had met at the Supernatural convention the day before. They are prime examples of how one’s fangirling can turn into something more than just an idle obsession. Lynn wrote “Family Doesn’t End in Blood”, which is an amazing read, and Shelley created a business with her husband selling journals specifically for convention goers.

I also met Alana King, another shining example of how fangirling can provide opportunities. Currently a college student, Alana has a YouTube channel where she partners with various fandom related brands to create content for her viewers.

with alana king (kingbooks) at the dc supernatural convention

Feeling inspired, I couldn’t help but do impromptu interviews with both Lynn and Shelley. As my blog grows I hope to start featuring fellow fangirls and fanboys and these two are on the top of my lists. Once I finished speaking with these lovely women, I returned to the ballroom where we waited for our Jared Padalecki photo op.


Much like our Jensen photo op, Jared’s photo op flew by. With the three of us, I thought it’d be really fun to try and replicate the “monkey see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” pose. When our turn came, I explained to him what we wanted to do and since he’s in the middle he would be “hear no evil”. Also, since he’s so tall, my friend asked him to kneel down. I wish I caught his reaction because it was adorable. He nodded with a curt “yes ma’am” as he obediently knelt down.

jared padalecki photo op supernatural convention

When I thanked him and turned to leave, he reached for my shoulder. Pulling me into a big hug, he gave me the most genuine smile. I honestly wasn’t expecting that so I definitely fangirled a little bit once we were outside of the photo room. But I didn’t cry. Thank god. Though I completely forgot to tell him how much his #AKF Campaign helps me on a daily basis. Next time. *wink*supernatural convention jared padalecki photo op


Quickly collecting myself, I followed my friend back up to the ballroom where we sat and waited for Sam Smith to take the stage. No, not the singer.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t really follow her before the Supernatural convention but her poise and eloquence really made me smile. She spoke about how it took a while for her to figure out Mary.

I was at first a little confused by the character, and Mary was confused about being alive, and then it gelled - @samsmithtweets Click To Tweet

Also, when asked to choose between John and a ham and cheese sandwich as a better father to the boys, Sam nervously laughed before choosing John.

Her reasoning: he did the best that he could while completely wracked with grief.

Before she bid us farewell, she did share with us a story showcasing just how childish ‘the boys’ can be.

After hearing from ‘Sam and Dean’s mom’, it was time to hear from their dad!! Bring on the mighty Jeffrey Dean Morgan! The guy is a hoot and completely unapologetic. He swears like a sailor and, just like Mark Sheppard, is one sarcastic fool. His humor is so unique that not everyone can appreciate. But luckily for me, it’s the kind that I absolutely adore. At this time, my friend abandoned me for food but it was ok. I had JDM keeping me company!


Almost immediately, Jeffrey began entertaining us with his incredible and slightly self-deprecating wit. When asked which he prefers killing: zombies or monsters. He told us that he doesn’t discriminate and would much rather just kill whatever he could. Humans maybe…Ok JDM. I see you.

Things stayed mainly light and silly throughout JDM’s panel. Even when a fan asked him how he prepares to Negan, he told us that he prefers to only ‘switch on’ once the camera starts rolling.

Although he was a bit salty when a fan asked him about his character in the show and what he thought about how abusive John turned out to be towards Sam and Dean.

“When I was John, we didn’t know all the bad crap about him,” Jeffrey explained. “I played a John Winchester who gave up his life for his sons. I didn’t know in Season 3, he became a dick!

They shot all that when I wasn’t around… @jdmorgan Click To Tweet

But at the end of the day, no matter how bad his character was as a father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan truly believes that John must have done something right “because those boys turned out pretty good.”

FACT.jeffrey dean morgan panel dc supernatural convention

As JDM’s panel drew to a close, you could feel the ballroom start to buzz with anticipation for ‘the boys’ to come out. The real reason why everyone was at the Supernatural convention. In true star fashion, Jared and Jensen popped out from behind the black curtains surprising Jeffrey with huge hugs and wide grins.

While we said goodbye to JDM, Jensen began playing an incredibly dramatic tune on the piano, before he and Jared did the infamous J2 jump – in sync!!


I don’t even know where to start with this panel. J2 are so amazing together and I don’t know about you, but I feel like in order to hang with the “Supernatural cool kids” you have to be sassy, unapologetic and completely yourself.

jared padelecki and jensen ackles panel supernatural convetion

Example A: Someone in the audience called out an admonishing “spoiler alert”, and Jensen literally looked out into the crowd annoyed before crying out: What are you on, Season 4?

Jared quickly joined in and it soon became a running joke throughout the panel.

Hey, did you guys find your dad? Spoiler alert, Bobby doesn’t make it! Wait, there are angels and demons?! Click To Tweet

Tired Jensen is snarky Jensen. He even called out the fan and told her to #getyourbingeon. Damn Jensen!! Click To Tweet

The shenanigans only continued when Jared smashed the keyboard. He smashed it harder than he had wanted to and safe to say, it scared us all. Jensen was in the middle of saying something when he got so rudely interrupted. I missed the actual ‘smashing of the keyboard’ but at least you can watch the aftermath, which is just as, if not more, funny.

Earlier, they had discussed what they would be if they didn’t act. Jensen said that he would like to direct while Jared said he’d like to try casting, to which he received a skeptical glance from Jensen.

Jensen: Have you ever done casting? It sucks.

Jared: I have an eye for talent.

Jensen raised an eyebrow and turned towards the audience before he said sarcastically, “Yes folks, he has an eye for talent.”

And in true Jared fashion, the poor fellow sat up protesting, trying to convince all of us that he did.

So when the piano incident happened, Jensen snarkily said, “for someone who thinks he has an eye for talent…” to which Jared quickly countered saying 

I said I had an eye for talent, not an ear - @jarpad Click To Tweet


Other random nuggets of the show were: Jensen getting called out on an error in his Instagram bio, a reenactment of when J2 ran into three giants while at a game (naturally they had to take a photo), and a heartfelt evaluation of working long hours and rarely being home.

Jensen said he was grateful even for the long-ass fourteen hour work days because he gets to do what he loves every day with his best friends in the world.

Jared said that living someone else’s reality gives him compassion and empathy for those around him and consequently, he’s learned a lot from Sam.

supernatural convention jensen ackles quote

The panel ended with their standard fist bump and a genuine thank you to the audience.

I had to, unfortunately, leave then because my friend had a recital to go to. So silently I said goodbye to the DC Supernatural Convention. I’m sad to have missed the Kings of Con panel as well as the group photo ops and autographs. It’s ok though. This just means I have a reason to go to another convention soon. They aren’t cheap though but the once in a lifetime experience is certainly worth it.

jensen and jared padelecki waves goodbye at the supernatural convention


So there you have it. We’ve unfortunately come to the end of this chapter. But don’t worry, the story is far from over. As you start dabbling in fandom related events, you start to learn how to budget and prioritize. But you’re in luck. I’m working on creating a handbook with everything you need to know as you begin embracing the fangirl life. So make sure you join my email list as it’ll be exclusively for my subscribers.

Until then, keep fighting and I’ll see you in my next post.

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