Good morning Shannon K Family! I hope your December is going well. As 2017 comes to an end, I’m feeling a little nostalgic. So today, we’re taking a look back at the biggest display of fandom loving — Salute to Supernatural Convention.

To all of my non-Supernatural readers, I promise that I’m not going to be just writing about Supernatural. Your time will come. 

But right now, I want to share with you an up close and personal look at what a Supernatural convention is like. All different and unique in their own way, but DC was my first Supernatural convention so it holds a special place in my heart. I had to split this post into two separate posts so if you want to read about day two, click here.

supernatural convention pinterest pinDisclaimer: Prepare for a long read. I tried writing the spark notes version but it is still pretty long, so I split it into two parts.


Salute to Supernatural is a weekend convention that brings fans from all over the world to one central location so they can laugh and fangirl together over their favorite TV show and stars. Each year, a number of cities play host to these conventions and with the surge of live tweeting and Facebook Live, it certainly feels like a big family reunion. 


Unfortunately, I did not attend Friday. So I missed seeing Rachel Miner and Emily Swallow. I also sadly missed Louden Swain (the honorary Supernatural band) perform, which was sad as I hear that they are amazing live. Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict hosted, so even though I missed Friday karaoke and the R2M (Richard, Rob, Matt Cohen) panel, I did get to see Rich and Rob host Saturday and Sunday. Let me tell you, those two guys are a hoot! They play amazingly well off of each other and have incredible wit.

richard speight jr supernatural convention

When I stepped through the front doors of the hotel, it was crazy. All around me were people with Supernatural shirts on and backpacks hanging off their backs. After a brief moment of “what am I doing here and where do I go from here?”

I followed the crowd and found myself in the vendors’ room. Already I was feeling the energy. After exchanging my Mark Sheppard autograph for a photo op (love that they allow autograph for photo op and vice versa trades), I had an hour or so to kill before panels started. I decided to check out the costume contest currently happening in the ballroom because… why not? Boy, was it a fun time. Some of the costumes were incredibly clever and creative.

supernatural convention costume competition


The first person up, for me anyway, was Mark Sheppard. What an incredibly sarcastic but genuinely kind man. Since the writers killed off his character and he confirmed that he was no longer doing Creation Entertainment conventions after 2017, a fan made signs with Crowley’s most popular quotes throughout the years and distributed them out throughout the ballroom.At first, Mark didn’t know what was going on, but once he realized this sweet and thoughtful gesture you could tell he got emotional. It was really touching to see him walk through the aisles reminiscing as he read the quotes.

mark sheppard supernatural convention

I’ve said some really cool things over the years! This one says: “Bollocks!” @mark_sheppard Click To Tweet

It’s so bittersweet to see him looking back on his time with the show as Crowley because it means that he’s really not going to return to the show.

It’s very humbling to see the things I’ve said that people have written for me. And some of them are mine [that he wrote]. Without Crowley, I wouldn’t have done a lot of other things…. Crowley was a collaboration. He started out a great character, had great writers, and I think I made him my own.

That you did Mark. And despite being extremely sarcastic, like really sarcastic, Mark seems like a genuinely great guy. He even shared with us a sweet story of when his daughter was laughing at Justin Bieber and how the two wound up playing together.  You could just hear the love for his daughter, Isabella, shine through as he told us this story.

As he was sharing this story, he got interrupted and wound up getting ‘annoyed’ with Rich and Rob who were loudly talking backstage. He turned back around and indulged us with a “hello boys” before continuing his really cute story of his daughter and Justin Bieber.


After his panel was his photo op. It was definitely an experience. When it was my time, he went to give me a side hug and I was like “can you just point at my shirt and smirk?” since I was wearing my “Even When I Lose, I Win” long sleeve. He seemed slightly thrown off but did as I requested before giving me a smile and a hug. Definitely glad that I met him. He actually reminds me of Mr. Walsh, a former teacher of mine from high school. Very snarky but genuinely a warm-hearted man.

Anyway, after the photo op, I went off to meet a friend for coffee before heading back into the ballroom for Kim & Bri’s panel followed directly by Misha Collins’.

photo op with mark sheppard at supernatural convention


Both panels were very entertaining and simply made me fall in love with the stars even more. Would love to meet them one day and thank them for making such a difference in this world and in my life.

Kim & Bri’s friendship is absolutely friendship goals. As Kim said so eloquently during the panel…

You can’t define why you love who you love, only how they make you feel. This woman makes me feel like I love myself. @kimrhodes4real Click To Tweet

I’m not crying. Are you crying? I’m not crying.

The two women spoke about bullying, a topic that’s been on everyone’s minds lately, and told us that “while we can’t stop it from happening, we can stop believing that we deserve it.”

They also had a bit of fun talking about Wayward Sisters and the energy just buzzing around the spin-off. Everyone sounds so excited about it. Kim even had a ten-minute conversation with the director about Jody’s ringtone!! She shared that for a brief moment, it was “The Chicken Dance”. I’m down for that. Raise your hands if you’re down for that too. That song is legendary and since Jody is a badass female character… well… irony makes great comedy.

supernatural convention briana buckmaster


Then it was Misha Collin’s turn to take the stage. His longtime friend Darius Marder joined him for the first ten minutes and they pretty much reminisced about their crazy childhood adventures, even treating us with a small bit of the song “Fox On The Run” that they used to get into a fair that they had no ticket or money for. Classic Misha.

misha collins and darius marder supernatural convention

He also told us about why he would never hitchhike ever again. At least he can’t say that he’s never lived a boring life. That’s why I love him so much. He’s not afraid to take risks and be crazy. 

He told us that he wanted to create a similar environment for his children, “a world where they feel safe enough to explore”.


I take a steel bristle drill and jam it down my throat… @mishacollins Click To Tweet

And in true Misha fashion, his panel ended with a fan asking him about how he gets into the voice of Castiel. Ouch! Of course, he was joking, but he did say he got a really bad sore throat when he first started playing Cas and had to go to the doctor for it.

supernatural convention misha collins

So before he left the stage, Misha treated us to a hula lesson as he announced the GISHWHES winners. Misha panels ya’ll. Never a dull moment right?


The day ended with autograph signings and I had spontaneously bought a Mark Sheppard one. Since it’s his last Supernatural convention, I wanted to say thank you and ask him to sign my shirt. Autographs moved fast and I almost didn’t get to say a word. I was so tongue-tied and I’m sure I sounded like a fool.

But I did manage to ask him if the cast teases him for pronouncing his name as “MAHK” and not “MARK”… since you know, he’s British. He looked at me confused and was like “no”. I got all flustered and was like “oh because my friends tease me for saying it that way.” He looked up and shook his head with a “what? no….” almost in a consoling way. It was kind of cool but he was already onto the next person.

So just like that, day one of the 2017 Supernatural DC Con was over. There was the Saturday Night Special concert later that evening but you needed a special ticket for that. Seemed like a great time though so maybe in the future.

The next part of this saga will be up later this week before Christmas. So be sure to come back for that when I unleash my inner fangirl as I share every little dirty detail from Sunday aka Jared and Jensen day!!

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Don’t question my love for all things Supernatural and Simple Plan!! I’m proud to be a fangirl. I hope to inspire discovery and passion through these fandoms and to showcase the magical power that comes with being a fangirl.

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