“Have fun. Use whatever injustice you feel and have fun with things. Because entertainment is suppose to be fun.” – Ludi Lin

As I nervously waited for my turn to interview a young rising Asian star, I smiled at just how far the Asian American community has come in entertainment. Then I heard my name. So with my notebook and pen in hand, I headed into the room where the newest Saban black ranger, Ludi Lin, sat waiting.

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Since diversity in Hollywood is currently a huge talking point, Saban’s Power Rangers’s movie release couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. The cast is as diverse as you can get, in race and in sexuality, proving that #togetherwearemore.

A hashtag that we in the Asian American community can all relate to right?


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One of Asia’s fastest rising stars, Ludi Lin is the newest Black Ranger. We sat down with Lin to ask him if he felt overwhelmed by the notoriety or not… With a coy smile, he said no.

“I mean it’s like winning the lottery,” he said. “Do you have a weight of going to claim your money? I mean not really because I had so much to say about Asians.”

For Lin, playing Zack wasn’t about representing the Asian American community but rather a chance to grow as an actor.

“For Zack I just wanted to really delve into who this person really is-like he’s going through this double life that he has to live. He’s just a person within the world right?” – Ludi Lin

As Asians we often feel that all people see in us is our ‘Asianness’. But Lin disagrees saying, “being Asian is a part of [us] but there are so many different aspects of [us] and how they relate to each other.”

ludi lin power rangers

Lin explained that he considers each person as a book that should have the chance to be read and understood.

So what’s a young aspiring Asian American actor to do?

Lin believes just as the young teens in the film couldn’t morph until they accepted who they were, the same goes for acting.

He advises all aspiring creators to have fun and use whatever injustice you feel as motivation and drive.

Welcome people who want to pigeon-hole you, that want to stereotype you because that’s the chance for you to surprise them and break that stereotype.” – Ludi Lin

A man of poise and integrity, Lin now has his focus set on his next acting gig. Prepare yourself. In 2018, you’ll see Lin on the big screen again, this time as Murk in Aquaman!

For the moment though, watch Ludi Lin in Saban’s Power Rangers – now available on DVD.

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  1. Great post! That must have been an awesome experience, to interview a rising movie star! I like the fact that you highlighted how far the Asian American Community has come in the entertainment industry! Its really great to see a diverse range of people on screen and in the entertainment industry as a whole! Great Interview! x

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