Sometimes I love Thursdays. Not only does it mean that the weekend’s coming but my DVR is so full on Thursdays. And tonight, it’ll be recording something extra: the Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony. 

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved watching the Olympics. Often a welcomed distraction from school and life, the Olympics still remains one of my favorite sporting events.

No joke, the Olympics is the only time I watch any and every sport on this planet. Yes, I’ve even watched curling and race walking.

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I know I usually blog about TV shows and Broadway, but I would be remiss if I didn’t do a couple Olympics posts. Contrary to what my blog may suggest, I truly believe sports is actually the biggest fandom out there. Don’t believe me? 103.4 million people watched the Superbowl LII this past Sunday. 

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Only 27 million people tuned in for NBC’s post-game episode of “This Is Us”,  the most-watched entertainment program after the Super Bowl in six years.

Still, don’t believe me? Well, here are five ways the Olympics 2018 is the epitome of sports fandom.Continue reading and see if I can’t change your mind. 

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The Olympic Village: Specifically built just for the Olympians, the Village almost resembles a mini campus town. According to USA TODAY Sports, there are two villages at this year’s Pyeongchang Olympics 2018. One’s up in the mountains and the other’s by the coast. Although athletes don’t have to stay here, it’s the perfect example of sports fandom. The world is literally coming together as athletes from all over the world congregate into one central location.

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Wearing their team colors with pride, the Olympians aren’t there just to compete. They’re there to soak in the full Olympic experience… together, which includes: learning about the host’s culture, being a tourist, and it’s no secret that there’s also a lot of sex happening inside the village walls. If it’s not the epitome of sports fandom… 

The Playing of the National Anthems: No matter what country you’re from or what your beliefs are, as soon as a country’s national anthem starts playing, you feel it: that pride that Olympic champions feel as they stand on top of the podium having just achieved their lifelong dream.

Sure winning feels great but what makes Olympics 2018 so special is the silent solidarity during the national anthem. No matter your language or culture, the pride in representing your country is felt throughout the arena. 

The Opening Ceremony: Dare I say it, one of the biggest reasons people will tune in for Olympics 2018. I know for me it’s certainly a highlight of the two week event. The host country gets to show us who they are as a country after months of hard work and sure, odd moments sometimes happen during opening ceremonies but nothing says fandom more than the Parade of Nations. Tonight Korea will be marching as one, under a single flag. This is HUGE!! I can’t wait to see all of the smiles that surely will be on the athletes’ faces. And with social media, catching the Olympics 2018 is going to be so much more fun.

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Country Representation: This one goes without saying but every Olympian in Pyeongchang is representing his or her country. There’s a lot of responsibility and honor in that position. But even though they may all be from different countries, at the end of the day, these athletes are also Olympians. Pushing past language and culture barriers, what unites them is the hard work, sacrifices, and focus needed to earn the honor of wearing their country’s colors.

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The Coverage and Viewership: Up until now, I’ve been mainly focused on the Olympians’ sense of solidarity and community in all of this. But the Olympians would be nowhere without their cheerleaders and supporters back home. For two weeks, millions of people worldwide come together to cheer on their country. Especially with today’s technology, it doesn’t matter whether you’re watching from home or work or even on the go. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about the sport nor does it matter that you’ve never heard of the athletes before. If they’re wearing your country’s flag, you’re rooting for them.

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