Although I love working out and stay fit, it isn’t usually something I connect with fandom. Yet after a few random afternoons of scrolling through my Instagram, I came upon Fit For Broadway. I don’t even remember how it popped up on my feed but instantly I was intrigued. Here was a brand that had somehow taken a fandom and turned it into a way to encourage health and fitness. Not to mention the founder, Jane Jourdan, is extremely positive and genuine. So when I launched this blog back in December, I knew I’d want her to make an appearance and I’m so happy that she agreed to speak to a complete stranger about Fit For Broadway. Hopefully, this fandom feature will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to hop on that treadmill… or maybe not. I’m not a huge fan of treadmills either. 

So without further adieu, I present to you… JANE JOURDAN!!


Note from Jane: Hi everyone! 🙂 I’m Jane Jourdan! I get to build this cool thing called Fit for Broadway which originated as a personal blog and has since expressed through clothing, events, community, a way of life, and so much more. But building community and sharing stories are my greatest passions. I really love London, matcha almond milkshakes, working out, eating healthy food, and of course, visiting Broadway.

Website: Fit For Broadway |  Instagram:  @fitforbroadway  

jane jourdan fit for broadway

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1. What inspired you to create FFB? Did you start it with the intention to grow it into a business or did it organically develop into one?

Before I moved to New York, I was searching for resources that offered advice, support, and insight from performers in the Broadway community. I wanted a way to connect with the community. So many of the interviews I read or sites I found about Broadway made it feel so far away. So I created Fit for Broadway because I wanted an inside look at the lifestyle of a Broadway performer and knew I wasn’t the only one. Sharing the interviews, in the beginning, was such a small reach— really only my family and a few friends but the information was needed and the community around Fit for Broadway grew. And I realized after about a year, I wanted to be working on the blog full time. So I have been building the community and mission ever since.

2. How did your love for Broadway start and grow and how has your passion for Broadway shape your approach and philosophy to life? What about FFB?

I fell in love with Broadway through Phantom of the Opera and it was my first cast album and my Broadway show. I think at its core, the show captures the purity of acceptance, love and being seen and heard which are all core values I hold close and try to impress on Fit for Broadway.

3. When you were first starting on FFB, what challenges were the toughest and most surprising and what helped you overcome them? What about now?

I started Fit for Broadway as a research project because I wanted to know what it was going to take to be on Broadway. I figured if I asked enough performers, I would start to see the through lines but I didn’t anticipate wanting to continue this work so deeply and fully. So a lot of the challenge, even still, is being courageous and ambitious in the way I continue to innovate and grow the community.

4. Walk me through the process from where you started with FFB and where it is now.

I’ll do a little arrow diagram 🙂

Fun Idea > Fashion + Singing > “Singer’s Guide to Wellness” > ? > Fitness + Health+ Broadway >research > “Fit for Broadway” > YES! > personal blog > community > movement > lifestyle > online destination for interesting people living extraordinary lives > apparel > events > workshops > Podcast > clubs > and beyond!!! 🙂

5. What advice do you have for aspiring entertainers and performersShould they pursue their dream or should they ‘be reasonable’? What inspired you to pursue it?

Ferociously fight for the life that is going to bring you joy, growth, and expansion because It isn’t easy. Sometimes sinking into pain, anger or other negative emotions is much easier than striving to feel positive and joy-filled. But it’s a practice, not a guaranteed state when you wake up in the morning. So I think aspiring performers and entertainers have to evaluate their priorities and make decisions based on their own preferences. That way they can create a life that will bring them fulfillment even if the road is long and tough.

jane jourdan fit for broadway6. If you could share with me some of the opportunity or ‘Kodak moments’ that you’ve had because of your love for Broadway?

One stands out just as I read that question  — I attended the opening and closing night of “On Your Feet”. 

That show and the people in it represent a lot of life moments and clarity in my own path. So both of those nights feel like Kodak Moments.

7. Where do you envision FFB and yourself in the next few years?

Hopefully thriving, growing and serving more people with awesome Broadway content, apparel, events, workshops and anything else we can dream up!

*visit the awesome FFB shop

8. What are your go-to ways to removing negativity and breaking through the doubts in your mind?

Definitely, exercise is a huge one for me, because If my body feels strong, my mental and emotional state match it. I am prone to depression so I regularly have to check in and make sure I am feeling balanced. I love mediation— really anything simple. Taking a walk, sitting in quiet, watching a candle flicker for 10 minutes. All these meditative practices really calm and center me.

9. Lastly,  who do you decide who to feature on FFB and how do you reach out to them? Are they friends? Do you cold email? etc.

It really depends because in the beginning, it was friends of friends usually. And if it was one person from a show, then they’d tell their cast and those interested would hop on board. 

Now I try and reach out to people directly who inspire me and I know will offer a unique perspective and say something new and fresh.

Thankfully, I also have performers reach out to me and that is always a cool experience.jane jourdan fit for broadway

So let’s do a lightning round now!!


Broadway Show: Tie between Phantom of the Opera and Great Comet

Broadway SongAt the moment… the new mashup of Found/Tonight. So I guess that’s two! 🙂

Way to Staying Fit: Boxing & HITT classes at Core Rhythm Fitness

Hole in the Wall in NYC: Heidi’s Restaurant on the UES

Other fandoms that you may be a part of: Harry Potter!



Pet Peeves: being late, plane food, when people use the word “learnt (it is a word, it just sounds funny to me haha)

Bucket List Items: Attending The MET gala, living abroad, giving a TED talk

People You Would Die If You Met: Oprah, Chance the Rapper, Beyonce

Values That You Hold Dear: Curiosity, Community, Balance.

‘Lucky Charms’: any of my gemstones/crystals, prayer beads from Greece, and a note gifted to me by a stranger from a prayer box at the top of a hike in California

Things You Can’t Live Without: my morning matcha latte (which includes close to 10 ingredients… but we’ll count it as 1)Kiehl’s facial moisturizerheadphones

*get Jane’s Kiehl’s facial moisturizer here

Pretend that you’re at the Tony’s and you just won one of the awards…who are you thanking in your acceptance speech?

What a fun question!!! 🙂 I would thank my mom first because she brought home the Phantom of the Opera cast album and told me the entire story as we listened to the score start to finish. She opened my eyes in a way I didn’t know was possible. To imagine something and let it move me— that’s everything. It’s the definition of a dream. 

She taught me how to dream. She and my dad gave me the wings to soar higher and farther than I ever thought possible.

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