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Even though it’s halfway through December, I can’t be the only person who’s procrastinated on my holiday shopping. So in the spirit of the holidays, I want to celebrate the relaunch of my blog with a holiday gift guide to help those who feel stumped on what to get those fangirls in your life.

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ultimate gift guide for fangirls pinterest

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fit for broadway holiday gift guide


Fit For Broadway: Jane’s apparel line is absolutely adorable and so comfortable. Just radiating with positivity, Fit For Broadway is perfect for anyone aspiring to be a Broadway star



Mark Sheppard's Happy Hellidays Collection Black Gildan Pullover Sweatshirt gift guide

Represent: I love this website because not only can you find one of a kind apparel but you can also take pride in being a philanthropist. Proceeds from every Represent campaign goes toward helping organizations like Save the Children and It Gets Better. 



holiday gift guide sports jersey gift guide

Sports Jerseys: Hopefully self-explanatory, it is basically blasphemy if you’re a sports fan and you don’t own a sports jersey. But for those who get cold easily, a sweatshirt or hoodie are good alternatives




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family don't end with blood book gift guide


“Family Don’t End in Blood” Book: An amazing gift for any Supernatural fan. I recently bought myself a copy and it is extremely heartfelt and genuine. Compiled together by Lynn Zubernis, this book contains brief essays by the Supernatural cast about how the fandom has impacted their lives. Prepare to tear up a little.



SUPERNATURAL Hunter's Journal gift guide


ConQuest Journal: If the fangirl in your life enjoys going to different conventions then this may be the gift to give. These journals come with protective sheets for your photo ops and themed pages to document your weekend! For anyone who’s artistically challenged, this is a great alternative to scrapbooking.



the untold stories of broadway gift guide


The Untold Stories of Broadway Series: In a three-part series, Jennifer Ashley Tepper brings you backstage with interviews from both past and current Broadway employees. Everyone from security to the main female lead, they all stories from their time working on Broadway.



dear evan hansen: through the window book gift guide


Dear Evan Hansen: Through the Window: Released just under a month ago, this collectible is similar to the Wicked’s Grimmerie. Containing exclusive interviews with the cast and a detailed behind the scenes look at the development of the musical, this is one perfect holiday gift for your Broadway fangirl.



just the ticket ticket stub organizer gift guide


Just Ticket Stub Organizer: As a frequent Broadway attendee and concert goer, I have so many ticket stubs and playbills flying around that these organizers are a godsend. It comes with 20 acid-free plastic pages which hold 80 tickets but you can always order more pages if you need.


TICKETS: Speaking of tickets, they also make great and easy gifts for any fangirl out there. They may not be cheap but depending on the type of ticket, you could hit two birds with one stone and have the ticket double as a birthday or anniversary gift as well.

Stumped on what kind of ticket to get your fangirl?

Here are some ideas.

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michigan football helmet gift guide


Sports Collectible: Don’t want to give your fangirl another sports jersey or hoodie? Consider looking outside of the box and purchase a football helmet or other forms of sports memorabilia instead. Brownie points if you can get an authenticated autograph item.


funko pop doctor who gift guide


Funko Pop: To be honest, I’m not really sure what you can do with these little toys but they are darn cute aren’t they? Funko makes them for literally very fandom out there. So if your fangirl’s office or bedroom is lacking personality, maybe gift them with a Funko Pop to spruce things up.  


panic at the disco vinyl gift guide


Vinyl & Records: For any music lovers out there, even though record players are now obsolete, vinyl are still popular collectible items. Unique and special in their designs, you can really see the artist’s essence through them. Find vinyls through artists’ personal stores or your local music store if you want a fun excursion. 


be a broadway star board game gift guideThemed Board Game: If you love your game nights and you’re tired of playing the same games again and again, maybe it’s time to throw out the old and bring in the new. Pick up a themed board game like this Be A Broadway Star board game, a classic Monopoly with a twist, or try something entirely new like Doctor Who: The Card Game 2nd Edition.


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If you still feel stumped, then maybe do some virtual window shopping on some fandom-specific websites. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon something not on the gift guide that just screams “BUY ME!”   

Some fantastic places to visit are: 

                                   hot topic logo        fanatics logo        thinkgeek logo

So there you have it, a few ideas on some last minute gifts, perfect for the fangirl in your life. Let me know what your favorite item from this gift guide is what’s on your wishlist for this year. Who knows maybe Santa’s reading through the comments.

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ultimate gift guide for fangirls pinterest

Don’t question my love for all things Supernatural and Simple Plan!! I’m proud to be a fangirl. I hope to inspire discovery and passion through these fandoms and to showcase the magical power that comes with being a fangirl.

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