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One of the most exciting parts of joining a fandom is the sheer amount of creativity and ingenuity that seems to exist, in all shapes and forms. We’re talking about fanart, fanfiction, merchandise like candles and subscription boxes, and even video edits and music. The possibilities are endless. And I want to showcase these amazing and inspirational fangirls.

Today, I’m sharing with you five amazing fandom related businesses, in no particular order.

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Click photos to learn more about associated products. There are affiliate links in this post which means if you purchase through them, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please support so I can continue churning out this content for you all.

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FANMAIL: I love mystery and subscription boxes!! And this one is amazing. It’s bi-weekly and not fandom specific. Instead, each box contains merchandise from various fandoms. If you’re a fangirl with your hand in a lot of different fandoms, then this box is perfect for you! 

We focus on giving fans high-quality, fun items that celebrate fandom. We support the creativity within these communities in our FanMail boxes by including items from incredible fan creators and artists. Each box is tied together with an overarching theme and contains items that commemorate the pop culture that we know and love. 

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The really fun and unique thing about this box is that it’s a complete mystery. A lot of subscription boxes usually tease a few items so you at least kind of know what to expect. But not FanMail. With FanMail, you’ll only learn of the theme a month before receiving your box and they all get shipped out at the same time. So no spoilers 😉





Rose and Jenny’s agreed to offer up a box for a giveaway. You can enter below and I’ll announce the winner next month.

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If you want to learn more about previous boxes and shop around, you can do so here.  Be sure to use the code: SHANNONK to receive 10% off of your purchase. Thank you to Rose & Jenny for being A+ fangirls!! 


FIT FOR BROADWAY:  In Jane’s own words, Fit for Broadway encourages an empowered attitude towards following your dreams. The community of Fit for Broadway is the underlying inspiration for creating apparel that speaks to the heart of performers and creatives. I love Jane’s positive attitude and it shines through in her apparel. Her tanks and long sleeves are filled with inspiring quotes that will leave you ready to conquer the world.

fandom realated businesses fit for broadway

I was lucky enough to get the chance to speak with the founder of Fit For Broadway, Jane Jourdan, and I’m excited to share her feature next Friday for Fandom Feature.  Hopefully, there’ll be some surprises in the post (possible discount code/giveaway) so make sure you come back next week for this inspiring interview. 

Until then,


ENCHANTED  FANDOM: This is another really fun and exciting subscription box! This one isn’t a mystery one like MyFanmail is but it’s also monthly. So you get twice as many fandom goodies!!

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The idea was to have a place to include all fandoms in a box. There are so many different fandoms and some seemed to overshadow others which leaves a lot left behind. In the Enchanted Fandom box, you can expect to find fandoms from all different genres. This includes movies, books, TV, and pop culture; giving way to the motto: NO FANDOM LEFT BEHIND. 

Jess was sweet enough to set up a discount code for all of you. Good for using in her shop and Etsy shop. She’s not kidding when she says, ‘no fandom left behind’. There’s everything from Shadowhunters to anime to even Star Wars and Jane Austen. If you want to learn more about previous boxes and shop around, you can do so here.  Be sure to use the code: FANDOMUNI to receive 15% off of your purchase.



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STANDSI know, I know. I must sound like a broken record but I will never stop gushing about this organization. Maybe one day I will get the chance to work with them. But until then, I’ll just keep sharing them with anyone who would listen. STANDS is an organization that works with actors/public figures to create a merchandise with a design that speaks to them. 

We are an online merchandising portal with a charitable twist. Founded in 2015 by a handful of like minded individuals who believed that by harnessing the voice of actors and the power of fandom, we could change the world. And so, together with you and your friends, we set out to do it. And we are.

I recently got Sam Smith’s ‘RISE’ hoodie which I mentioned in my March Favorites. I’ve been living in it this winter but I also got Misha’s ‘I Wish For This’ bracelet and the Supernatural Women 2018 Calendar. I will continue supporting what this organization does as much as I can and hope that you feel inspired enough to do the same.

So hop on over there and check out their campaigns. Shop through this link and you’ll get 10% off of your purchase. Who doesn’t love discounts right?


shop stands fandom related businesses


CON*QUEST JOURNALS: If you’ve been following my blog for a while now then you know all about this lovely woman. She’s an absolute sweetheart who I had the pleasure of speaking with and she’s constantly coming out with new products and merch for the SPNFamily. She’s the epitome of someone who took her love for a fandom and turned it into something bigger. I bought one of her convention journals back in November but haven’t yet even opened it to decorate it. But, I plan on writing up a post showing my complete process in creating a memorabilia that I will hopefully carry with me for the rest of my life.

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The Con*Quest Journal™ debuted in March of 2014. Handcrafted in the US with completely original artwork designed especially for fan, gaming and comic conventions, they are the best way to collect and protect convention experiences.

con*quest journals fandom related businesses

NOTE: Shelley was cool enough to set up a code for you all! You can now get 10% off your entire order if you spend more than $10 by using the code SHANNON. This code’s good until 4/30/2018 so don’t delay!!


Fandom is really inspirational and I hope that through these posts you are starting to see that. It’s not about wasting time or money. 

It’s about finding a reason to keep going when life seems pointless and it’s about finding a way to smile even when all you want to do is cry.

These fandom related businesses prove that with the right focus and determination, you can make something from your ‘silly little love’. If you’re creative, you understand the struggle of trying to find a way to balance your desire to create and your need to survive.  It’s certainly a learning curve. But I am right there with you. Keep going. And I hope you’ll check these fandom related businesses out and show them your support with a purchase or two.

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Don’t question my love for all things Supernatural and Simple Plan!! I’m proud to be a fangirl. I hope to inspire discovery and passion through these fandoms and to showcase the magical power that comes with being a fangirl.

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