Why hello there!

The name’s Shannon. 

My journey in video editing really started with YouTube. Essentially a boot camp for content creators, YouTube showed me the nuances of  visual storytelling and helped develop my passion for the craft.

Years of video editing on YouTube eventually brought me to the University of Maryland where I graduated early with a B.A. in broadcast journalism. Since then, I’ve worked with non-profits, online magazines, and production companies in visually documenting their events and furthering their mission through promotional content.

However, as I continued to grow and strengthen my video editing and photography skills, life took a turn and I suddenly somehow found myself in this strange world of fandom. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I soon discovered something magical and life changing. I uncovered a community where enjoying and investing in TV shows, music, and theater was not “stupid” or “a waste of time”.

And thus The Fandom Academy was born.


because everyone has a story to tell. And we all need a safe space to tell it.