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Team Free Will Is Back!! in Supernatural Season 13 Devil’s Bargain

TYPE: TV  Show  GENRE: Sci-Fi, Drama DATE: 9/13/05 STATUS: In Season BROADCASTER: CW  WRITERS: Brad Buckner Eugenie Ross-Leming SEASON: 13  EPISODE: 13 Wow! What an episode. Supernatural Season 13 has been no joke with so many twists and turns. So in case, you haven’t yet watched Supernatural Season 13 Devil’s Bargain.. SPOILERS AHEAD!! Please proceed with caution, I don’t…

5 Reasons the Olympics 2018 is the Epitome of Sports Fandom

Sometimes I love Thursdays. Not only does it mean that the weekend’s coming but my DVR is so full on Thursdays. And tonight, it’ll be recording something extra: the Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony.  Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved watching the Olympics. Often a welcomed distraction from school and life, the Olympics still…

What is a Fangirl? || the meaning behind the label

Welcome to your very first lesson here at Fandom University. If you don’t know what Fandom University is, read all about it here. Even if you’re not here because of Fandom University, WELCOME. Today we’re taking apart the term “fangirl” and figuring out exactly what is a fangirl. So what is a fangirl exactly? According…

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