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Happy Friday — who else is excited? I hope you all have something exciting planned for this weekend. I think I may do a hike this weekend. One of my favorite hikes here in LA is the Wisdom Tree hike. Although this hike was pretty cool too 😉

I’m not a huge fan of hikes in LA because of dust and dryness but the Wisdom Tree hikeis a pretty cool one. Legend has it: the Wisdom Tree was the only tree left standing after an awful wildfire in 2007. According to legend, the fire burned more than 817 acres and somehow, by some miracle, this tree survived. No one really knows why and that’s why this special tree is called the WISDOM TREE

Many hikers see this tree as a testament of endurance and perseverance. And when in a city like Los Angeles, one needs all of the perseverance one can get.wisdom tree hike

The Wisdom Tree hike itself isn’t long but it’s intense. It’s around 3 miles round trip and the hardest part of the hike is at the very beginning. So novice hikers – take heed.
Once you get pass the first half mile or so though, it gets a lot easier. And once you reach the top, oh man, the view is something else. Especially if you go during sunset. So take a moment, sit down among the rocks, and breathe.
wisdom tree hike
Either sit among the rocks and play professional yogi or take a peek through the well loved bin of notes and letters. Feel patriotic as the American flag flaps through the wind. I don’t know about you but unlike any other hikevin Los Angeles, the Wisdom Tree hike is the only one that has makes me feel proud to be American.wisdom tree hike
So if you’re ever in the area, take a little moment out of your day to hike this trail. Trust me it’ll be well worth it. And if you’ve hiked this trail before let me know what you think of it.


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