Hello my lovely Shannon K family,

That’s right guys. You read that title correctly. I did the Hollywood Sign hike and touched the Hollywood sign. Like I actually hiked up and touched the Hollywood Sign. Incredible huh? Sometimes I think I’m crazy for even attempting to do these types of things but hey! Now I have a cool story to tell everyone right?

Talk about living your life right?

hollywood sign hikeSo here’s how it happened. It started off like any other morning hike. I was with my friends this time and spearheading a team up the Hollywood Sign hike. I’m actually not a huge huge fan of hiking in LA because it’s too dry and I don’t particularly enjoy making sure I don’t slip and fall.

Luckily it rained the night before so the ground was nicely compacted. As we were crossing from the Wisdom Tree trail to the Hollywood Mt. Lee trail, I happened to look over to my right and saw a dirt path.

during the Hollywood sign hike

The path less traveled.

Now don’t be fooled. There wasn’t a neon sign that screamed ‘Road to Hollywood Sign’. There’s plenty of dirt paths on the mountain. If you want one that does go there then check out the Wisdom Tree hike. What caught me off guard was where this path seemed to lead. We were on the Hollywood Sign hike after all and the path seemed to be winding towards the sign. So yes, I was curious. But wouldn’t you be too? With the team right behind me, I literally had like 5 seconds to decide whether to check out this dirt path or not. 

Oh why the hell not. So just like when you suddenly realize you’re about to miss your turn on the highway I turned and headed down… into the unknown.

My poor friends were so confused. They thought I was going to die when I told them to keep going and to not follow me. Finish the Hollywood Sign hike I said. Hey! In my defense, I didn’t want to lead them astray. If this road turned out to be a dead end we would all have to turn back defeated. No, I didn’t want that for them so I brusquely told them to ignore me and continue up towards the summit. According to them, I left them in a very confusing and concerning situation 😀

Others caught wind of what I was doing but I had to trudge on. I was already heading down this less-traveled road, I couldn’t back out now. Luckily a girl decided to join me so I wasn’t entirely alone in my crazy endeavor. I say lucky because once I made it to the sign we were able to take photos of each other to show that we actually touched the Hollywood sign.

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during the Hollywood sign hikeduring the Hollywood sign hikeduring the Hollywood sign hike

Needless to say, they wanted to do it too once my friends saw I was alive. So down again I went. Looking back, I guess it was technically trespassing but hindsight is 20/20. 

Although like any other adventure, I wasn’t too sure where I was going so had to tread carefully. The dirt was thankfully compact enough that I didn’t have to worry about slipping and falling but I remember having to turn back around because I went the wrong way. How poetic and similar to life eh?

It was a challenge hiking back up because we had to climb over fallen branches. But I made it and touched the Hollywood sign. Then once I got back to the normal Hollywood sign hike, I got bombarded with questions.hollywood sign hike


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