Hello my dear family! I hope your summer is starting out swimmingly. I don’t know about you I love using summer as a chance catch up on all of my TV shows and find TV shows to watch, with the help of Netflix of course.

Seriously, Netflix is either your best friend or your worst enemy. There’s really no in-between. But it also makes finding new tv shows to watch super easy.

Once you catch up with all of your current shows then what? The amount of great TV shows out there has skyrocketed. How do you possibly figure out which new shows to start? You don’t want to waste time watching something that’s not good right? As a fellow busy #girlboss I know how precious time is so I’m here to help you all out. I present to you…tv shows to watch

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The 13-episodic story arc of Nasty Gal‘s Sophia Amurso and her highly comedic start to her now million-dollar company. Unfortunately the show is now canceled but I found it very entertaining and Britt Robertson is absolutely darling in the show. She’s so awkward but fiery at the same time.

timeless tv shows to watchTIMELESS

Not just your usual time-travel show, Timeless was created by Supernatural’s creators and tells the story of three strangers forced to join together to stop evil from completely screwing up history and consequently the future. The production scale is massive and it’s such a veer off the usual police crime shows you see on TV currently. It’s such a refreshing new show and I hope it’s here to stay. It’s most recently been renewed by NBC after a recent scare so we shall see. Fingers crossed.

master of none tv shows to watchIncredibly recommended. It first aired in 2015 and has returned with another season two months ago. No word yet on whether there will be a third season but what we do have currently is an extremely great show. It’s largely based off of creator Aziz Ansari’s own personal life and experiences and is extremely quirky, funny, and totally relatable.

the oa tv shows to watchIt’s only eight episodes so not a huge time commitment and it’s absolutely fantastic. The story and acting were great. It’s kind of trippy but give it a go if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m not a huge fan of Stranger Things but I’ve heard that if you enjoyed that show then you would most likely love The OA.

riverdale tv shows to watchAnother great revival of a well-loved comic. I grew up on Archie’s Weird Mysteries so it was exciting to see this new spin on a childhood TV favorite. Originally airing on Freeform, you can binge watch all thirteen episodes on Netflix. The casting is absolutely fantastic and all five main actors gave stunning performances. I truly applaud the crew for successfully delivering us a full storyline with a beginning, middle and ending without sacrificing any character development and backstory. Can’t wait for season two!

Those are my top five new TV shows to watch so I hope you with give them all a try. They are worth your time so leave me your thoughts in the comments below. And share this article!!tv shows to watch

What TV shows are you currently watching and enjoying?

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