Here’s a secret. If you want to see a celebrity go about their day, the Grove LA is a great place to start. An energy sucker for introverts, the Grove LA is one of the most well known and visited malls here in Los Angeles. But I like going there because of that.

I love walking around the mall and just people watch. Small confession: I rarely come here to shop but that’s just because the stores here aren’t your standard H&M or Forever 21.

The cool thing about LA malls is that they’re in the open. Since it’s always sunny in LA there’s no worry about having to run around shopping in thunderstorms. Although, never say never 😉the grove LA

The Grove LA is pretty much in the center of LA, so it’s a prime place to hold events. Easily accessible by bus, you can get there from the Valley, Southside, or Westside.  Although I won’t lie, it can take a super long time to get there because of traffic. Oh the joys of LA traffic.

One thing to note about The Grove is that the shops there are on the higher end. So think brands like Anthropologie, Zara, Nordstroms etc.

But it’s a wonderful place to go to during the holidays because of all of the decorations.




I went during the winter holidays and oh man, not sure how they do it but somehow, the Grove LA manages to bring holiday spirit and cheer into the city of Los Angeles.

I went to the winter concert last year and man it was a wonder I even got into the mall. So crowded. But I wasn’t going to miss Lea Michele and Rachel Platten’s performances. I love them so much … not getting in wasn’t an option.

It was definitely an experience. It’s kinda like Times Square during New Year’s Eve or Fourth of July, but on a smaller scale.

But hey, kinda a given when you can’t really find snow anywhere else in Los Angeles yeah?the grove LA

What do you like most about going to malls and what is your local mall like? 

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