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Welcome to another Saturday Shenanigans post. Today we’re going to reminisce about the times we accidentally go into places that we weren’t supposed to be in.

I’m talking about why you should always embrace the unexpected.airbnb open

Who knows, you might just have a once in a lifetime experience. This is the time I found myself in the AirBnB Open’s VIP section.

The day started off quite ordinary. I was excited to be working at the AirBnB Open with two of my other friends. Long story short- the AirBNB Open is AirBnB’s huge conference where there’s a ton of celebrities, panels, and free goodies. We were all working the last day so we were mainly in charge of crowd control. As it is with every conference and huge event, the last day usually means it’s time to party.

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airbnb open

This year, AirBnB decided to close out the conference with a huge block party in Downtown LA showcasing some amazing artwork and food. But the highlight of the night? Maroon 5 with a special performance from Lady Gaga! Oh my god! How exciting right?! Who doesn’t love concerts?

Nothing quite like the lights and energy of downtown. 

airbnb open

So yep, I was pretty stoked for the night.

Scheduled for an 8 hour shift, we all got a brief break for lunch. And what better time to explore? So on my lunch break, I ventured off to catering and indulged in some deliciousness. After I ate, a little bit too much, I toured around the different areas and wandered through the amazing artwork displays and special vendors.

airbnb open

Eventually, I found myself back in the central area. I got a few more minutes before I should head back to my post so I decided to head to the pit area to check out the performer. Well… turns out that the concert was about to start in like half an hour and everyone was trying to get into the venue aka where I was.

And by everyone, I mean everyone! So many that the security guards had to close the gates. Won’t lie – it kinda felt like that scene from Miss Saigon where the Vietnamese were flooding the streets right outside of the US Embassy.

No one could go in and no one goes out. Imagine the chaos.

Ok. I’m not really complaining. I got stuck on the right side of the gates. I had a brief moment of panic that I couldn’t go back to my post. The security guard looked at me strangely when I asked if I could get out and go back to my post. He said he couldn’t. O.o

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Back? What back? Apparently, I could get out through the VIP section, through backstage. So off to VIP I went. I flashed my fellow brand ambassador my wristband and I was in.

Once I ended up backstage, a woman approached me asking if I was looking for the VIP section … um … well … sure. At this point, the concert already started.

 fox what omg shocked huh GIF

Stunned, I nodded and followed her back to where I was earlier. OK … I guess I’ll just hang out in VIP then.

Ordered a few drinks from the open bar and turned around to see… none other than Julianne Hough … O.o the talented, beautiful and amazing triple threat.

For those of you who don’t know her … Sandy from Grease! Live, dancer from Dancing with the Stars, and all-American country singer.julianne hough

So to say that I was starstruck was kind of an understatement.

julianne hough at airbnb open

I met Julianne Hough!! Danced and snapped a photo with her. Crazy! I can’t believe it. 

airbnb openSo there you have it folks! Quite anti-climatic in hindsight but it still makes a good fun story to tell.

Well my Shannon K family, stay sharp and live life hard!

I will see you in my next post!

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