All right guys! Who else is loving the throwback films that’s been coming out recently? It’s been a great year for movies, at least in my opinion, and this Monday we’re talking about the new released Saban’s Power Rangers movie.
saban's power rangers movie
This year Saban is taking us back in time to before the Power Rangers were power rangers and just simple misfit kids who are trying to figure themselves out.

I got invited to attend a free screening and press conference earlier this month. After watching the movie I quickly realized that this new Saban’s Power Rangers movie was going to be stirring up the controversy pot. becky g, ludi lin, and dacre montgomery

I spoke with the black power ranger, Ludi Lin, about his role and the significance of the vast diversity present in the film because the only Caucasian actor of the five kids is Dacre Montgomery who plays Jason.

Becky G (Mexican)
becky g yellow ranger

RJ Cyler (African American)
rj cyler blue ranger

Ludi Lin (Asian American)
ludi lin black ranger

Namoi Scott (Part European, Part Indian)
Naomi Scott Pink Ranger

So ignoring the fact that this movie was actually really good, this film has so many parallels with today’s society and we’re going to talk about five of them. 

Here Are 5 Ways the Film Represents the Progress in Today’s Society 

  1. Society is starting to accept that despite being racially or sexually different, we are all still human beings
  2.  Society is slowly becoming less judgmental — acknowledging that everyone has a backstory. 
  3. People are slowly starting open up about internal struggles and demons.
  4. Society is beginning to discuss ‘taboo’ subjects (suicide, human trafficking, mental health, abuse etc.)becky g sharing her experience
  5. Society is now saying “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!”  and we have to stand up for our rights.

So there you have it! These are five ways I think the newest Saban’s Power Rangers movie is representative of today’s society. I’m so happy that big franchises are starting to tackle these difficult and controversial topics. And hopefully, you too can see these five statements illuminated in the film. So if you haven’t yet seen this movie — GO WATCH IT NOW!!

So sound off in the comments down below, how do you feel about the new direction that film is going in?

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