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Happy Monday! I’m so excited for this post because I’m talking about two of my favorite things in one post… Panic! At the Disco and concerts!! AKA the real dirt on going to a Panic! At the Disco concert!!
death of a bachelor tour

Infamous for ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’, Panic! at the Disco has grown and evolved so much since their teenage years. Their newest album Death of A Bachelor is a true testament of how much they’ve grown – in values and in their music.

With their recent tour finished and the recent announcement that frontman Brendon Urie is playing Charlie on Kinky Boots for this summer, I’m channeling my inner fangirl today to show you what it’s like going to a SOLD OUT Panic! at the Disco concert.

panic! at the disco concertI won’t lie… I took off work for this concert. Doing background work doesn’t let you plan your social life so I couldn’t risk working and missing the concert. #Priorities.

Hopping off the bus had me feeling a little bit giddy. Or maybe it was that ice espresso.

panic! at the disco concert at the forumposing for a self portraitI got there an hour before doors opened to check out the ‘pre-game’. There were people everywhere and food and drinks and photobooths – so much to do in such little time! But of course, the photobooth was #1 priority.at the forum in inglewood californiacrazy=geniusi write sins not tragedies

So now let’s fast forward a couple hours to the actual concert. KROQ did NOT lie when they said it was a sold out show. With each opening act, I was pushed back further and further until I eventually was back at my original nosebleed seat. But when you’re met with this, how can you be upset? Kinda felt like being in the student section during a college football game.

Fun fact: Brendon had awful laryngitis leading up to the LA show. So I worried that he wouldn’t be 100% since he hadn’t canceled any of his shows prior. But lucky me, he told us that he was back to 100% that night. He even bragged that he got to smoke and drink earlier that day ‘to prepare’ for his LA show.  LMFAO

Hence why I love him! How is it humanly possible to have laryngitis a couple of days ago and still be a rockstar?!

I wanted to stay in the moment and not document. Naturally, I failed. But let’s be honest, how can you not record songs like This Is Gospel and Bohemian Rhapsody

(This video was found on YouTube and is not mine) 

There you have it — an inside look at what a Panic! at the Disco concert is like. You can literally feel the energy just pulsating throughout the arena.

shining our flashlights through the hearts to show pride and love showing solidarity as an allyAfter the show, I waited backstage to try and meet him but he never came 🙁 We waited for hours and we saw them heading for the tour buses, but alas, none of them came over 🙁

Oh well… didn’t hurt to try. Talking to the security guard and his personal security Zack made the wait pass by pretty quickly. But man, it was FREEZING!!

In my opinion, he’s truly an icon. Jumping from a national tour to Broadway without a break? That’s crazy!! But you can bet your silver dollar that I will be there.

panic! at the disco concert

So next time you’re  wondering whether to splurge on a Panic! at the Disco concert ticket or not, you should!! You always should!!

Sound off in the comments below whether or not there’s an artist or band that you will see again and again… and again. 

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