Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already almost August. Summer is passing us by so quickly and sadly there are only a few music festivals left. Because let’s be honest, going to music festivals is an expensive venture and unfortunately, I’m so broke so I have to be picky. I’m sure you can relate.music festival survival guide

Since I only allow myself one music festival a year I need to make that weekend the best weekend of summer. And since so many factors can ruin this one weekend, I’ve decided to put together a music festival survival guide for you and for me. I haven’t yet done the whole camping thing at festivals so I’m sorry ya’ll, you’ll have to find that information on another blog. 



WRISTBANDS! You may not think it would happen but it does happen and there’s no worst feeling than watching your friends enter the venue and being left out. So do yourself a favor and check and double check that you have your wristband with you before heading out of the house.

IDs! If you plan to drink than this is just as important as your wristband is. For festivals that have non-transferable tickets, sometimes security will cross check your ticket and ID. Plus, it’s just a good thing to have on you at all times. Better safe than sorry.


sunnies music festival survival guide

No matter which music festival you choose to go to, wearing a pair of stylish sunnies is definitely a must have. It will help pull your festival outfit together and shield your eyes from the sun and any dust or wind that may be in the air. Even on a cloudy day, the sun may be shining a bit too bright.

Baby wipes, toilet paper or Kleenex 
baby wipes music festival survival guide
Let’s face it, this is probably one of the last things on your mind but trust me, you’ll thank me later. Think you’ll be able to survive the portapotties? At the end of the day when you’re dirty and tired and most likely dehydrated, going into a stinky, smelly portapotty without any wipes is the last thinkg you will want to do. Guarantee it. So do yourself a favor and make this moment just a little bit more bearable by bringing along some toilet paper.

sunscreen music festival survival guide

Another thing that you will most likely forget and regret not bringing is sunscreen. This little sucker will be the only thing keeping you from turning into a burnt cookie or as red as a lobster. You don’t want to realize too late that the sun was stronger than you thought. You know what they say, “prevention is the best cure”. And skin cancer is a real thing so you don’t want to subject yourself to it if you don’t have to.

Oil Blotting Sheets

oil blotting sheets music festival survival guide

This goes without saying but if you are a girl, running around a musical festival with runny and blotchy makeup is extremely frustrating. So grab a couple of oil blotting sheets to stuff into your bag. They’re super cheap and take up very little space.

Reusable Water Bottle
camelback music festival survival guide

AKA your life saver. Bringing a reusable water bottle like a Camelback gives you no excuse to not stay hydrated. You can refill it at water stations and it’ll save you tons of money. You want to enjoy your time at the festival, you don’t want to spend it with a pounding migraine or worse, an IV drip. So make sure you stay hydrated and having a reusable water bottle with you is a surefire way to accomplish that.


poncho music festival survival guide

Even if rain isn’t in the forecast it’s better to be safe than sorry and pack along a stylish poncho which doesn’t take up much space. The weather is so bipolar nowadays that you never really know what to expect anymore.

Fanny Pack or a Cross-Body Bag

fanny pack music festival survival guide

Put your ego aside and accept that despite being less than trendy, fanny packs are easy to carry and there’s no potential of anything in the pack being stolen. Purses can break or snag on people and when you’re preoccupied with the music and stimulants it can be very easy to have things stolen. If you are absolutely against fanny packs, using a cross-body bag is a great alternative as you can still keep your eyes on it while enjoying the festival.

Kind Bars/Trail Mix

Most likely you will forget to eat throughout the day and when you’re in the midst of a mosh pit it’s basically impossible to escape for food. Lines for food at festivals tend to be super long anyway and you don’t want to waste time waiting in line.

earplugs music festival survival guide

There’s a reason why you tend to see production guys wearing earplugs. Music at festivals is super loud and although you might not feel it then the ringing in your ear post-festival is actually permanent ear damage. So protect your ears! Besides, you’ll be able to still hear the music just fine with earplugs in.

Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer music festival survival guide

Trust me, going to a festival is not exactly sanitary and you don’t want to go home from a fantastic weekend only to find yourself sick afterward. That’s no fun. Plus only if it’s a placebo effect, you’ll at least feel a bit cleaner after using some.

Additional Portable Chargers
portable phone charger music festival survival guide

Between the texting, recording, and calling your friends, your phone battery will drain fast. The last thing you want is to be stuck at the end of the day with a dead phone. So bring along some portable chargers to help keep those memories alive. There’s only so much footage your new friends can send to you.


Figure out who you want to see before you arrive

Don’t be that person who goes “He was there?! How did I not know?” That’s never fun. You also don’t want to be stuck in a crowd watching someone that you don’t really care about.

Plan before you get to the festival or download the festival app. That way you’ll get notifications when you should start heading over to see performances!

Decide on a meetup spot 

Guarantee you that you will get separated from your friends sometime during the day. Especially if you’re at a festival like Coachella where there’s a lot of diverse and different music acts. So decide on a meetup spot for the end of the day. That way, even if you never see your friends again that day at least you’ll still be going home together.

Take a picture of where you guys parked

You don’t want to spend time at the end of the day trying to find your car. You’ll be tired, dehydrated, hot and sticky and if you can’t find your car fast, extremely cranky. That’s no fun.

music festival survival guide

Put your phone on airplane mode

Your phone will last way longer if it’s not struggling to find service. A lot of festivals are in the middle of nowhere with almost zero service. Plus you should be enjoying the festival, not on your phone! Festivals are a great time to disconnect and reconnect with what it means to live life!

Get everyone’s number written down on paper

Again, this is just another way to be prepared. If your phone ends up going out of commission you don’t want to be left stranded. Unless you have your friends’ numbers memorized, writing them down will be a godsend when that super nice stranger lets you borrow his or her phone to call someone.

Be sensible with drinking and drugs and be careful what you accept from strangers

I hope I don’t have to explain this to you. This should be common sense – you never know what you’re being offered and you don’t want to wind up in the hospital. Again, better safe than sorry.

Label your belongings

Things get lost and dropped at festivals. It’s just an inconvenient truth. Lost item usually getposted on the website or Facebook page. By labeling your belongings, it’ll be easier get them back. That’s suggesting that they weren’t stolen or kept by the finder.

These were some tips that I’ve collected from my few festival experiences. I’m still a bit new to the whole festival trend… I’m a late bloomer, unfortunately 🙁

I hope you have the most amazing festival weekend and just know that I will be extremely jealous of wherever you may be.

What tips did I miss from the music festival survival guide? And tell me about your favorite festival experience!

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