“Shannon, it’s too soon to make that decision!!” 

“It takes around a year just to get settled. I would give it another year…”

“What are you going to do in NYC? Everything entertainment is here”

“You need to give it time and give LA a true and honest chance.” 

I have heard this all. Trust me. If you have no idea what I’m going to be talking about then here’s the TL:DR.


February 28, 2016 I packed my bags and hopped on a plane for Los Angeles.

A year later, I’ve booked my flight to move back home.

Where is home? New Jersey.

Why? I miss New York City. 

lesson learned6 months in, I started to feel these immense feelings of shame and regret. “I made a huge mistake,” I told myself. “I’ve screwed up my entire life.” Because in my mind, I had moved to LA for good. I had no intention of leaving so I started to feel sick to my stomach that I was now stuck here in LA. And I wasn’t enjoying it. Lesson learned.

Maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough. Maybe those comments I kept hearing from everyone was true. Or maybe I was giving up too soon. 

While I do admit that I could be doing more,  I was most definitely not a hermit. The first few months I was cold emailing people and going to as many networking events as possible. I met people and even PA’d on sets. As you can see from my Year In My Life I did hustle

But slowly around June, my hustling slowed because I lost that spark. I started to fear that I had made a terrible mistake. I was a failure for even contemplating to move out of LA.

But you know what, I’M NOT. I gave LA a chance. And by giving it a chance, I found out that LA is not the place for me to live and be in right now. Lesson learned

AND THAT’S OK... I’m slowly learning that we don’t make mistakes. Rather, we make life lessons, learning what went right and what went wrong. I’m sure I’ll return to LA – once the hustle and bustle of NYC get to be too much – but until then, thank you LA for giving me just another life experience and memories that I would’ve never otherwise made if I didn’t make that jump. 

Lessons Learned i lived song lyrics

I should be proud of myself. For me, it’s hard to be… but I’m slowly learning to remind myself every day that I gave LA a shot. That’s more than a lot of people can say and now I can move back home knowing what it was like to live there. Never again will I have to fantasize about moving to LA. Lesson learned

Since high school, it was always New York City or Los Angeles. I’ve always, for some inexplicable reason,  wanted to move to LA and though I won’t be staying there, at least I can say I did something that I only dreamed of doing.

lesson learnedAnd the same can be said for any of you who may also feel like you made a mistake somewhere along the line and now have to live with the consequences. 


Life is about living

                  taking risks —

                         learning what you love

                                     and what you hate —



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