Hello my lovely family. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you should be well aware of a movie starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that’s been taking the world by storm. The La La Land movie tells a romantic story of two young creators trying to make their dreams come true in the City of Angels. 

la la land movie poster

It currently has 86 awards. 86!! 7 of them being Academy Award wins. That’s incredible, isn’t it?

As a huge fan of both main leads, I knew this would be one movie that I’d have to watch in the theatres.  

ryan gosling emma stone la la land movie

Full Disclaimer: I hardly watch movies in the theatres because it’s become so expensive.

Everyone was talking about it, especially since we lived in LA. And one cool thing about living in LA is that you can breathe the same air as famous celebrities. Just go where they hang out. 

As I mentioned earlier I am a huge fan of the two lead stars. So when I found out that they were holding the red carpet in Westwood, Los Angeles, I said to myself: I HAVE TO GO!!

la la land movie

I was so excited. The La LA Land movie was going to be my first red carpet premiere and to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling up close and personal? I think I might just die. 

There isn’t really a handbook on how to meet famous people. It’s really just like any other part of life – trial and error. Although, if you want some tips I’ve picked up after doing this a few times check out this post here.

So after doing a bit of research, I found that celebrities generally start arriving around 6pm and depending on the scale of the movie, it’s best to arrive at least an hour before.

If you’re not familiar with LA geography, Westwood is on the opposite side of where I live. I didn’t want to go all that way just for the La La Land movie premiere so I decided to make a day trip out of this adventure.

First stop: The Hammer Museum. A free art gallery over on the Westside.


I was admittedly disappointed there weren’t more exhibits open but it was still a nice little tranquil place to visit. 

Of course I couldn’t stop by the Westside without trying the all famous Diddy Riese. I got an ice cream sandwich with White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies and Espresso Chip Ice Cream. It was delicious. Sinful and delicious.

 diddy riese during la la land movie     diddy riese during la la land movie

diddy riese during la la land movie   diddy riese during la la land movie

While I ate, I watched all of the pre-red carpet action. Around 4pm, I figured I should get out there and stake my claim on a spot haha I had nothing else better to do so why not. Do some people watching?

waiting by the barricades for the la la land movie premiere to begin

I waited around 2 hours and I’ve had several people ask me how I can wait for hours and hours just to see ‘famous people’. My own family shakes their head at my ‘idiosyncrasy’. I find ways though. As they say, if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way.

Naturally, the two biggest stars that EVERYONE was waiting for was Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Click To Tweet

Being the absolute sweethearts that they are, the two of them came over to the sidewalk, where we were, to sign autographs and take selfies. I honestly had no expectation that they were going to come. Clearly, I was a red carpet movie premiere noob.

I had just wanted to see them in person. But as the shiny black cars rolled up and they stepped out, everyone around me started calling out – to grab Emma and Ryan’s attention. And to my surprise and utter joy they made a straight line for us.

I thankfully had my DSLR camera and although I did take some photos I primarily videotaped. I didn’t want to miss out on this experience with my eyes behind a camera lens. By videotaping, I was able to make eye contact with the stars and smile at them and oh my gosh… it is an experience.

Ryan, unfortunately, was pulled away right before he reached me. Literally, I was next for an autograph! It’s cool, it’s cool cause at least I got to see him lol right? Emma, on the other hand, went ALL the way down… or at least tried to. I still am amazed that I got her autograph and got to tell her thank you. Pretty surreal experience. And she is even more gorgeous in real life! <3

emma stone signing autographs at the la la land movie premiere

 emma stone signing autographs at the la la land movie premiereryan gosling signing autographs at the la la land movie premiere

Unknowingly, I also got Damien Chazelle’s autograph. He’s the director and he was incredibly good looking. He was also very gracious. So getting his autograph and seeing him so up close was really a huge blessing. I didn’t grab selfies with them because I had my camera in one hand and my notebook with a sharpie in the other. The DSLR is definitely not conducive for grabbing selfies. But yeah I got photos and videos of them so that’s close enough right?

autographs at la la land movie red carpet

Around 7pm, the action started dying down and after speaking with the security manager about possible movie tickets I headed home. But not before stopping by Coco’s for some classic milk tea 😉

Day well spent I must say!!

La La Land is now out on DVD and you can get it here.la la land movie

If you haven’t watched La La Land and you love musicals, you must! It is a real gem. For those who’s watched it, what was your favorite part?

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