So I’ve been blogging thing on-and-off for probably half a year now and it is seriously no joke. There are so many intricate parts to it and there’s a lot to learn. Heck I’m still learning and seem to be making such slow slow progress. It’s extremely scary for sure and the most common question I get asked by people is: how to start a blog.

how to start a blogSince this whole blogging venture can be daunting I decided to create this comprehensive guide to help anyone out there who want to learn how to start a blog. It’s a lot easier than it sounds. This guide is perfect for making a simple static website too. So let’s get started!

Find Your Niche

The success of your blog will depend a lot on your content. People want to read quality content. You can have a beautiful website but none of it matters if no one cares about what you’re saying. So find your passion and figure out why people should care. Do you love makeup and beauty and can recreate amazing makeup looks? Or do you have an unhealthy obsession with video games and know all of the ins and outs of the newest game? Find what you love talking about and it will help make the rest of the process a lot easier.

Discover Your Brand

The most difficult part of starting a blog, I find, is actually figuring out how to create a blog representative of you. When someone goes onto your blog they should know who you are and what you are all about. Now be careful. Your brand isn’t just what you’re trying to “sell” but it’s also your personality. Your blog needs to represent that. Are you a happy go lucky kid who loves music? or are you rather a math nerd who’s also a little bit awkward and shy? Or maybe you’re really athletic but also love musical theater because you’re just a big softie.

Your content will help bring people to your blog but your personality will be why they keep returning. So make sure your blog is wholeheartedly 100% you.

People are very good at figuring out if you’re being fake or not and will not want to engage if you are.

Once you’ve figured out your message and image you’re ready to start rocking!

Choosing a Website Builder

First, you need to choose your website builder. There’s a lot out there so do your research. My go to is and will always be WordPress. I absolutely love WordPress because it has a lot of functions. I find that website builders like Weebly or Wix are quite standard and ordinary. You can’t really update it and change it over time which can get to be frustrating. I’ve never used Squarespace so I can’t speak to that website builder.

If you’re just starting out, I will admit that WordPress may be kind of overwhelming. Here’s a great breakdown of each of the main website builders to help you make your decision. But in my opinion, go WordPress. You’ll have more control over your site which you will want over time. Believe me.

Figuring Out Where to Host

Once you choose where your site is going to live, you’ll need to decide where to host it. Just like the website builder, there’s a lot of different hosting sites out there. You can either pay for hosting through your website builder or do something called self-hosting. Self-hosting allows you to own your website without getting stuck. Say, for example, you started out on Weebly and decided later on that you wanted to move to WordPress, it can be sometimes difficult. Again, research beforehand so you don’t wind up getting stuck.

If you do wind up choosing WordPress do NOT, I repeat, do NOT pay for the premium package. It’s pointless and a waste of money. SELF-HOST! You’ll have a lot more creative freedom and opportunities.

After doing tons of research, I wound up choosing SiteGround and I love them! Can not rave enough about them and here’s why:

  1. Site Ground is only 3.95$ a month if you click HERESUPER CHEAP!
  2. They have 24/7 AMAZING customer service! Can’t tell you HOW many times they have helped me.
  3. If you have an existing site, they’ll transfer it over absolutely free! Talk about no headaches! PHEW!
  4. They have fast servers and loading time is almost zero.
  5. Zero issues thus far!

It’s super easy and you get your own domain name as well. You can pay either monthly or annually and unlike other hosting providers, SiteGround’s discount applies to ANY of the initial periods chosen during the signup process. This means $3.95/mo. for twelve months or three years. No need for any long time commitment like a lot of other providers.

how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog

And kaboom! You now have a new blog in just a few minutes.

I know blogging can be overwhelming and stressful. I’m still figuring it out but I want to help you along the way. I hope you found this ‘how to start a blog’ guide helpful. There will be similar posts in the future all touching on something specific to help you become a better blogger.

The most important thing to remember though is that no person’s journey to success is the same. Enjoy the process and start writing! I’ve even created a cute little ‘bucket list’ template that you can download free of charge if you join my Shannon K family!

how to start a blog

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