Everybody loves Fridays right? Fridays often mean the end to a long and (probably) draining week. But I beg to differ. While I love Fridays, my favorite day of the week has to be Saturday. Not only is it a day to explore and take a break from the weekly routine of work or school, but Saturday also means…



I remember in high school every Saturday, I would sit down on the couch in front of the TV eager to do my homework. Don’t be fooled. I wasn’t excited to do my homework. But that was a small price to pay for my beloved college football. Back then, college football was my form of study music. And over the years, I’m pretty sure I developed almost a Pavlovian response to college football. No matter who’s playing, if it’s a good game, I’ll be watching.

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But as much as I love watching college football all day every Saturday, sometimes you just can’t. Especially when you’re traveling or working. So what then? You can’t forfeit your beloved college football for ‘more important things’, can you? That’s just heartbreaking.

You don’t have. With today’s technology, you can watch football while on the go and without a TV. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing your football even if you’re out of the house.

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1. TV On Demand: If you’re a college student living away from home, this is a fantastic way to watch football games. Find out your family’s tv account information, open up your sports channel of choice, type in the username and password… and welcome to television on your computer! Now you’re ready to do some multitasking. 

ways to watch football without a tv tv on demand

2. Individual Apps: Piggybacking off of the TV Live Streams, if you’re out and about and want ways to watch football without a TV, consider downloading the ESPN App or the NFL Mobile App. Both apps are completely free. You will need to have a TV provider though to log into the ESPN App and a Verizon plan to use the NFL Mobile App. But these apps are great ways to watch football without a TV.

DOWNLOAD THE ESPN APP HERE: ESPN button ways to watch football while on the go  

DOWNLOAD THE NFL MOBILE APP HERE:NFL button ways to watch football while on the go

Xfinity ways to watch football while on the go

directv ways to watch football while on the go


You can also download your TV provider’s official app in order to watch any non-ESPN games. Networks like Xfinity and DirecTV have apps for both the iPhone and Android that you can download.       


3.  Sling TV: Don’t let the previous two ways fool you though. You don’t need a TV provider to catch your football games. You can still watch your football without a TV through Sling TV. This online a-la-carte streaming service offers two different bundles that you can choose from.

sling tv ways to watch football without a TV

Orange Package: The Sling Orange package comes with ESPN and is the cheapest skinny bundle at just $20 per month.

Blue Package: The Sling Blue Package, on the other hand, has FOX, NBC (select markets), NFL Network and the RedZone Channel It’s a bit more expensive at $25 a month and you won’t get ESPN. So it kind of depends on what games you’d prefer to watch.

If you decide that you absolutely can’t live without one or the other, you can always purchase both packages at $40 a month.

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4. Snapchat: If you’re absolutely strapped for cash or time, Snapchat is actually a great place to catch highlights from a game. Every Saturday and Sunday, Snapchat has College Game Day and NFL Game Day stories. Social media is actually a fantastic way to follow games live. There’s a bit more coverage on NFL games than college football games, but when you’re grasping for live updates and you don’t have access to any of the above tools, Snapchat turns into one of the great ways to watch football without a TV.

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5. Enlist A Friend’s Help: Lastly, if worse comes to worse and you have absolutely no way to watch a game, phone a friend. That is if a friend of yours has access to ESPN or any other sports channel, see if you can ‘borrow’ their login to catch your favorite team play. Or even better, ask if you two can watch the game together. Not only can you fangirl together but spending some quality time with your friend is always nice.

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As a college student or a young professional freshly out of school, time becomes a luxury that one just simply cannot afford to ‘waste’. But just because you’re constantly on the go doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watching your favorite football without a TV.

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