Ok! Pop Quiz 😀 Name a place other than a premiere, award show, or airport where you can find a multitude of celebrities in one place.


ew popfest bannerThat’s right! I give you….. *drumroll* the 2016 EW POPFEST

WHEN: OCTOBER 29-30, 2016



Come face-to-face with your TV hero, be the first to see MOVIE footage and hear behind-the-scenes stories from the director and cast, check out top bands sampling a variety of MUSIC, listen to popular authors read from this year’s biggest BOOKS, plus much more!

My friend and I went to a smaller one in New York the previous year. Guess it was in beta mode haha it was a lot of fun when we went so when I heard about this one I was like ooooooo…. EW Popfest

ew popfest jared and jensen

These are the type of events though that have my family rolling their eyes…and I’m sure some of you can relate. It kind of reminds me of my post about priorities.

All of us have different interests, different passions, and different priorities. We also have different financial situations and different opportunities. For those of us who love TV and are fans of certain stars, it is a dream come true to be so close to these people. It’s no different than those who hold Disney World season passes or spend hundreds on sports season passes.

So for me, I figured why not. I’ll go check this EW Popfest out and if I don’t like it, I won’t go next year.

I mean I love Entertainment Weekly Magazine so let’s see what EW Popfest is all about right?
ew popfest

Of course, I went in search for a better deal than what they were selling tickets for. I wound up finding a 50% off deal off of Groupon!

So was it worth it? Well… I got to see like 15 celebrities in one day! All whom I am a huge fan of. 

If I had bought VIP tickets I would’ve been able to actually meet them! <3 So yeah… for me… it was totally worth it.




I got the 2-day pass and got there fairly early. They had released the lineup a couple weeks prior so I had already mapped out my days which makes going to these types of events so much more enjoyable.

Not early enough though. I missed out on being front and center for the Supernatural panel. I was actually worried that I would miss it as the line to get into the event itself was hella long!! But I made it! And I got to catch all of the craziness that is J2! 

All day I was running around trying to make sure I saw as many panels as possible at this EW Popfest. Even though I had my day planned, I made a very bad split decision and just missed out on getting into the Ryan Murphy and Friends panel.

I did see them in NYC though so that made me feel a bit better. There was a huge line for Gilmore Girls too due to its recent Netflix series revival. Thankfully I don’t care for that show so felt perfectly fine heading out to check out the food trucks instead.
ew popfest

Since this was EW’s first ‘real’ popfest, they struggled with crowd control which understandably upset a lot of attendees. I was super impressed though with the overnight changes they made to address this problem for the following day.

I’m not sure what went on behind the scenes but I definitely think it was a pretty good first EW Popfest. I heard through the grapevine that they were expecting a bigger turnout but hey that just means I got to be that much closer to the celebrities. So I’m not complaining.

ew popfest leighton meester

ew popfest

I got some free goodies… I LOVE Kind Bars ^.^

kind bars ew popfestew popfest

Attended some fantastic panels…

And rocked out to awesome music. Thank you, Jojo, Nick Jonas and Janelle Monae!!

Definitely worth going to if you’re a fan of anyone in the lineup. I’ll admit, it is more centered around TV shows than movies but either way I give it two thumbs up <3ew popfest


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