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Today has indeed been quite magical because I got to watch Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in the famous TCL Chinese Theater. The movie isn’t released yet but the cool thing about living in Los Angeles is that you get access to free movie screenings.  

Disney's Beauty and the BeastThere are certain websites that I love using to get access to these free movie screenings and are my go to sites to use. Whenever I go to a free screening though I sometimes forget that it hasn’t come out yet to the general public. ^.^

This one was a very exciting one to go to because it has two of my favorite things: Emma Watson + Disney

Disney's Beauty and the BeastCan’t you just feel my excitement as I type this?

I found out about this event through a website called See It Fast. After going to a few free movie screenings you start learning a few tips and tricks on how to optimize them.

So for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, I knew I had to be there early. I aimed to get there around an hour early and even that was not early enough. At first, I worried we might not get in because the line was long.

But since the theater seats a lot of people, we all got in. My friend joined me and as soon as we entered the theater we hustled to grab good seats. We found ourselves sitting next to a breathing live teapot. No joke he was in a teapot costume.

Disney's Beauty and the BeastBut he wasn’t the highlight of the event. Oh no, three guesses what the highlight of the day was … seeing Emma Watson of course!! In person! She’s only been my role model for like eight years. Not to mention, seeing Olaf, Josh Gad, live was pretty cool too.

What I love most about panels is the opportunity to learn more about the filmmaking process and how the actor gets impacted by the work, be that a movie or a TV show.disney's beauty and the beast cast speaks during panel

It was really inspiring to hear how despite being a huge movie star, Emma Watson is forever genuine and real. An incredibly intelligent young lady, her poise, and way with words is really impressive.

The panel mainly focused on the significance of the film and the magnitude of it, which I must say was incredibly insightful. I just love hearing behind-the-scene tales. It really helps me believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to be creative and work hard. 

The actual movie, well, I loved it. Disappointed some people didn’t like it but hey, haters are gonna hate. For me, I loved Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and will definitely watch it again and again. 

MAKE SURE YOU GET IT ON DVD NOW!!disney's beauty and the beast DVD

Check out the trailer if you haven’t already:


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