Shannon K is a positive and encouraging community where fellow fangirls (no you don’t have to be female ^.^) learn to invest in and embrace their unique obsession. We believe that every person should have a safe place to gush and geek over their favorite TV shows, music, and even sports. There is an inner magic that comes with being a part of a fandom. It keeps you going and it keeps you fighting. So unleash that inner fangirl!!

Does this sound like you?

  • You die a little inside whenever you see prices of concert tickets and meet-and-greets
  • You feel guilty doing anything remotely fandom related (eg. buying merch, binge watching)
  • You sometimes wonder why you can’t seem to get your ‘priorities’ straight
  • You feel no one in real life understands your obsession. It’s no trivial and it’s not stupid!

Raise your hand if you said yes to any of these. Well my friend, you’re in the right place then.


Shannon K started out as a personal travel blog to document my adventures when I moved to Los Angeles last year. But after a blog post here and a blog post there, I came to realize that my blog was quickly becoming a chore before it even became my hobby. In all honesty, I had no idea what I was writing about. I thought I knew but in hindsight, there was no passion in what I was writing.

Then this summer, I found myself suddenly immersed in the Supernatural fandom, the SPNFamily, and a light bulb went off. While other people have dreams and goals that motivate them to keep fighting through life, what keeps me going has always been through seeing other people fight. Whether they are fictional characters or complete and utter strangers, these individuals remind me to stay strong. I use them as my motivation to keep fighting and to never give up.

So for those of you who can relate and are curious about the power of fandoms, I’m here to show you their strength and magical abilities. For those anxious about the financial burden that comes with being a part of a fandom, I’m here to show you how to ‘fangirl within your budget’.

Here at Shannon K, you will find:

  • Genuine heartfelt stories from fangirls just like you and me
  • Tips on how to enjoy your fandom even while struggling financially
  • Different ways to become a part of your fandom’s community
  • A family of like-minded souls to connect with who understand your specific obsession
  • A little sass and the occasional swear word #gottakeepitreal

shannon wong shannon k fangirl about me pic


Aloha! I’m Shannon (did you guess that by now?) and I’m the wee little fangirl here at Shannon K. From an early age, I’ve struggled with my identity. So I ran away from this ‘identity crisis’ by turning to entertainment. I quickly became enamored by the stories told in TV shows and song lyrics. And consequently, I fell (just like Alice in Wonderland) into certain fandoms.

Being a part of these fandoms have honestly saved my life. So I know being a ‘fangirl’ can’t be a bad thing. And for those of you who think fangirling is ‘just for girls’…. I have one word for you… SPORTS. That’s right. Believe it or not, sports was probably my first introduction into the ‘fandom world’. (Go Michigan Wolverines!! #BigBlue)

But unfortunately while I was growing up, I was taught that fangirling was shameful (hello Asian parents anyone?) and so I never fully embraced the opportunities and joy that came with being a fangirl. It wasn’t until college when I went to my first concert alone did I realize how much I had missed out on while growing up.

Now I always joke that I literally spend every penny I have on concerts and fandom merch. But let’s be real, that’s what life is all about isn’t it? Embracing your quirky obsessions and making new friends in the process. I mean, what fun is it to be fangirling in secret when you can be fangirling with a whole community? So that’s my story. 

Dying to know more about me? Here are 5 golden nuggets from me to you:

  1. I am an INFP, an Aries, and a rooster (Myers-Brigg, Astrology, Chinese Zodiac)
  2. New Zealand and Scandinavia are my top two travel bucket list items
  3. I’ve been video editing and photographing since I was a sophomore in high school.
  4. I use to be left-handed but my parents turned me right-handed when I was five
  5. I did marching band my freshman year of college because I wanted to be on the football field.


So my fellow dorky friend, are you ready to embark on this crazy journey of fully embracing your inner fangirl? Here are some posts to get you started:

  • The Lexicon (a detailed map of the types of material you’ll find here on this site)
  • What It Means to Be a Fangirl
  • Money Hacks for a Fangirl Like Me
  • The Inner Complexities of Being a Fangirl (Ways that it Changes You)
  • Being a Fangirl: Expectations vs. Reality


If you would like to be part of this community, I would love for you to join my squad, so we can stay connected as we continue to learn and grow in discovering who we are. You can also join me on Instagram and Twitter–I hang out there A LOT!

Feel free to reach out to me via email me for inquiries, questions, comments, or if you just want to say hi and start a conversation. You can contact me here. I’ll make sure to get the coffee brewing and try to save some for you (no promises!)

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